The Best Kettle for People Who Treasure Silence

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The Best Kettle for People Who Treasure Silence

You know that saying that a watched pot never boils? Not the case here. The Molla Puro Cordless Glass Electric Water Kettle is made from thermal shock resistant glass that allows you to watch as your water goes from cold to boiling—all in all, about 5 minutes.

It’s also very quiet. No loud whistles or beeps to indicate readiness, the only sound that comes from this kettle is the quiet rumbling of boiling water. Once it’s done boiling, the kettle simply shuts itself off, making it a very safe gadget to add to your kitchen. It will also automatically shut off if the water is below a certain level, ensuring the kettle doesn’t damage itself by overheating.

Further safety features are built into the kettle’s design. The glass body of the kettle has been drop-tested to ensure its durability and a soft-opening lid provides splash and steam protection, minimizing inadvertent burns.

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