ModiBodi Period Underwear Review

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ModiBodi Period Underwear Review

Everyone Thinx they know the best period underwear brand, but we respectfully disagree. We prefer the Australian brand ModiBodi because they have a wider selection of styles (including swimwear!) and sizes (XS-6XL). Everyone likes different kinds of underwear, so power of choice is important. If you'd like to try out period underwear in a boxer brief style, we also recommend these from Lunapads.

We specifically recommend this and any period underwear as a disposable pantiliner substitute because even at the highest levels of absorbency (across all the brands we looked at) those with heavier flows will have to change their underwear at some point. We don't think it's realistic for you to do so when you're out and about, but this underwear is a great backup for an insertable product.

We also think they work well alone for light days, if you have a light flow overall, or if you have irregular periods. In any case, you won't feel like you're wearing a diaper and the moisture-wicking design will keep you dry.

ModiBodi underwear can be machine washed, ideally on a gentle cold cycle, but dryers can warp period underwear. Since they are highly absorbent, you'll need to get several if you don't want to wash a pair every day. Luckily, orders to the U.S. aren't subject to any additional fees or taxes and orders over $100 USD ship for free. It's a hefty, upfront price tag, but they also offer a 30-day, risk-free refund policy for one pair to help you see if period panties are right for you.

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