MeLuna Classic Small Menstrual Cup Review

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MeLuna Classic Small Menstrual Cup Review

For something so small, menstrual cups can be intimidating, but they don't have to be. They are a great insertable alternative to tampons and can be used for years. We recommend the MeLuna Classic cup in Small for newbies because it's the right mix of soft and sturdy. This makes the cup easy to fold and open up, so you can get the hang of it faster.

The small size is a good baseline to help you start looking for your "Goldilocks Cup." (If you really know yourself, feel free to go up a size or two). Bryony Farmer, 20, an alternative menstrual products YouTuber and a cloth pad entrepreneur, has created dozens of menstrual cup comparison videos that can help you from there.

"I discovered the menstrual cup in about January 2013...they were only talking about the Mooncup," says Farmer about the popular British cup, most comparable to the massive Diva cup. "I tried it out and it hurt me quite a bit, so I never touched it again."

After doing some research, she found many more cups out there and tried out the *drumroll* MeLuna Classic in Small. It was a great success and her YouTube channel was born shortly afterwards.

A couple of years later, I followed her advice and comparison videos and only needed to buy a MeLuna Classic and a Lily Cup before finding my Goldilocks Cup: the Lena cup. I used the first two in tandem for two years and considered a Lunette for months. I was about to commit when Lena launched and Farmer posted a comparison of the very similar cups. After several views (I like to be sure, okay?), I bought a Lena cup and haven't looked back for over a year.

We also like that you can choose from three stem types: a traditional stem, a ball, and a ring. Which type you choose depends on how low/high your cervix is and which you think will be the most comfortable to remove. We're partial to the traditional stem because it's easy to grip, flexible, and can be cut down if it's too long.

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