Malouf Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow Review

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Malouf Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow Review

This is the best pillow for people with back pain. If you're a stomach sleeper, your head will sink into the pillow, while your shoulders will not, allowing your spine to follow its natural alignment. You should get the same benefit when sleeping on your side.

You can thank the zoned pillow for that. Zoned pillows work by providing different amounts of support in different parts of the pillow. The edges are firmer, making them a good spot to rest the neck, while the soft centers are an ideal place to rest one's head.

This latex pillow works in just that way. The tech is actually pretty fascinating: The pillow's center has larger holes, allowing the head to sink, while the outside of the pillow uses smaller holes to support the neck and correctly align the spine. This zoned design has the added benefit of increased airflow.

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