Lunapads Performa Mini Cloth Pad Review

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Lunapads Performa Mini Cloth Pad Review

If you want a wearable solution with more absorbency than period underwear, cloth pads are your best bet. We recommend Lunapads Performa Mini because it is easily accessible through Target (compared to the oceans of sites and Etsy stores), machine washable and dryable, comfortable, and equivalent to three tampons or pads. If you can't find the absorbency you need at Target, you can also order pads directly from Lunapads.

It's a bit of an adjustment to change cloth pads outside of the house compared to disposables since you need to take your soiled pad with you.

Okay, stay with us.

For this, you'll need a wet bag to hold used pads in a waterproof section and a separate section for clean ones. They won't be cross-contaminated and they won't smell. Some people still find this inconvenient, so they ease into using cloth pads as overnight pads or pantiliners.

No matter your comfort level, the pads are easy to take care of and use. Button snaps on the wings secure the pad to your underwear and you get to feel soft fabric against your skin. Some people swear by soaking their pads, but all you really need to do is rinse them until the water runs clear and throw them in the wash (in a laundry bag).

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