Koss Fitclips Wired Headphones Review

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Koss Fitclips Wired Headphones Review

If you’ve been shopping around for workout headphones, you know that a lot of models come with features you just won’t use—and they carry an inflated price because of it. Not so with the Koss FitClips: They’re a simple, inexpensive pair of in-ear sealed headphones designed with a woman’s ears in mind.

Indeed, there’s a lot we like about the female-centric design of these headphones. The material is soft enough to stay comfortable on your head for an extended workout, and yet the smaller-sized headphones remain secure through even the most vigorous exercise. Plus, they’re stylish—FitClips come in your choice of five different colors (coral, purple, blue, lime, and mint).

The catch here is that there aren’t any bells and whistles here. There’s no in-line remote, nor is there a built-in mic, so you can’t use the headphones to make and receive calls. And its sound quality, while good, doesn’t quite stand up to the sound quality you’d get from a premium pair of headphones.

That said, if you’re on a tight budget, we think these tradeoffs are worth it. With a starting price of just $20, Koss FitClips are a hard-to-beat value. It’s why they’re our choice for the best workout headphones for women on a budget.


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