The Best Robot Vacuum If You Love Swiffer

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The Best Robot Vacuum If You Love Swiffer

If your floor needs mopped more than it needs vacuumed, this is the robot you're looking for.

We're pretty sure no one has ever claimed to be really into mopping. That's the major draw of this robo-vac. It has two modes— a dry sweep mode and a damp mopping mode. One super neat feature of the Braava is that it works with any brand of cleaning cloth including Swiffer brand wipes that you probably have in your closet or the Braava-specific microfiber cloths.

It doesn't have the navigational capabilities of some of the other robot vacuums, but there are accessories that you can purchase to help your Braava map out multiple rooms or find its way back to its charging dock without your assistance.

It's best used for small homes with hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. Turn this robot vacuum loose before you go to bed and you'll never hear a thing. It's extremely quiet on account of the lack of noise-generating suction. That also means that you might still have to sweep up excess dust or crumbs before using this robot mop to achieve maximum cleanliness.

But this little guy can scrub your hard floors in silence, so it's our pick for the best robot vacuum for Swiffer fans.

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