The Hottest Holiday Toys of 2017

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The Hottest Holiday Toys of 2017

Which toys top kids’ wish lists this season? We’ve compiled a list of the season’s hottest items — no need to scour the internet! 2017 is all about interactive tech toys, but classics are in demand as well. 

Check out the cuddly yet interactive crew: a baby Tiger, a magical My Little Pony, and the chatty Teddy Ruxpin. Kids are also asking for scooters, dolls, LEGO sets, train tracks, and horse stables, too. 

Want to teach your kiddo to code? There’s Cubetto, Proto Max, or Dance Code Belle. 

And of course we have the super-hot items that are sold out (or getting there!); Fingerlings, L.O.L. Big Surprise, and Nintendo Switch. 

Whatever your child is asking Santa for, we hope you can cart it. Happy shopping!

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

Your My Little Pony fan will love the interactive Princess Twilight Sparkle. This pony is not so little! She’s a really impressive size, actually, at 18” tall.

Tied to My Little Pony: The Movie, this purple princess responds to kids’ touch and even reacts to sound. She talks, sings, and tells stories (and says over 90 phrases!). Requires 4C batteries (not included, but a tiara is). Princess Twilight Sparkle is posable, and her horn sparkles and flashes. Best for ages 3+

Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Blaster

Best for ages 8 and up, this large Nerf bow includes 5 Zombie Strike arrows to fire at those irrepressible zombies! (The arrows have round rubber orange tips, so they can’t hurt anyone or break any windows — probably.)

The blaster also features a detachable scope and arrow storage. An impressive addition to any Nerf fan’s arsenal.

Best For The American Girl

The latest historical 18” doll from American Girl is Nanea Mitchell, who is from 1940s Hawaii. These quality dolls are a bit pricey, but worth every penny! 

Moms who had the first American Girl dolls in the 90s are now passing them down to their own daughters. Nanea comes with a historically-accurate outfit, and a book about her back story, Growing Up with Aloha. She has a huggable cloth body and vinyl limbs and head. American Girl sells an impressive array of accessories and play sets for Nanea, such as a store set and a hula outfit. A great addition to the BeForever line, we predict this doll will be a hot holiday gift!

Cubetto Coding Toy

This cool little robot teaches coding — with no screen!

Cubetto is a wooden robot that kids can manipulate by arranging blocks on a board. Maps and educational story books add to the educational experience.

Playmobil Dragons Hiccup & Toothless

Fans of the movie How to Train Your Dragon and the spin-off Netflix series will love these sets from Playmobil. 

This one includes Hiccup and his loyal dragon friend Toothless, who shoots projectiles from his mouth. His back spikes also light up! 

Hot Headphones — Premium

If you’ve got a higher budget, Puro Sound kids’ headphones are the best. This wireless model comes in four colors and features volume limiting ear protection (85 dba) and up to 18 hours of battery life. 

The lightweight aluminum frames are higher quality than plastic, and the soft ear cushions are great at blocking background noise, even on an airplane. Puro offers a 1 year warranty on this model.

Vampirina Scare B&B Playset

Animated Disney Junior show Vampirina became a hit this year, and the blue vampire girl’s house is a hot commodity for the holidays! 

The Scare B&B playset comes with Vampirina and Poppy figurines, and features fun details like stairs that flip between stories and a hidden bookshelf bed. Vampirina even lights up when you stick her on her “glow posts” throughout the house. Spooky fun!

Best Robot Dog

Ideal for ages 6 and up, Hasbro’s new robot dog has so many fun features; kids can program their toy’s personality using an accessible coding program. 

Over 400 sounds and 100 eye animations are available — you can even make Proto Max chase his tail! Coding tutorials are available in the app, which also has fun interactive games to play with the pup. What other pet can teach your kid to code? Requires 4AA batteries, not included.

Schleich Riding Center Playset

If you have a child who loves horses, they’ll flip over this super-detailed stable set. 

A ton of accessories and figures are included with the sturdy barn (which features a removable roof): a mare, a foal, a rider, fencing, saddle, hay bales, flower planters, and more. Giddyup!

Star Wars Droid

Perfect for the Star Wars fan who is a kid at heart, this little droid is big fun. The menacing Astromech Droid BB-9E is a new addition to the film franchise, and you can own this version from Sphero and control this guy with your smart device! Download the Droid Trainer app and guide the BB-9E through holographic simulations of the Star Wars galaxy.

The vigilant droid can interact with other Sphero Star Wars Droids, and it even reacts to Star Wars films. LED lighting and realistic moments (it’s just like in the movie) make the BB-9E a sought-after holiday gift!

Best Gaming System

This uber-popular game system from Nintendo was released in March, and since then it’s become the fastest-selling home console in history. 

Switch is actually a home system and a handheld unit. There’s a dock that connects to your TV at home, allowing for multi-player gaming. Then you can take the tablet out of the dock and on the go! 

You can even share the controller and flip the stand to play with others while out and about. Its best-selling game? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Kids will love playing Zelda, Splatoon, and Super Mario on this system (and adults probably will too). Switch is available in various colors, from standard gray to neon pink.

Best Pocket Pet

Fun, trendy little monkeys that cling to your fingers, Fingerlings have become a craze. 

These interactive "pets" can babble (they make over 40 sounds), swing by their tails, blow kisses, blink their eyes, and turn their heads. Available in a variety of colors (pink Bella shown here), the Fingerlings will sing together when you clap your hands! Coin cell batteries included. Best for ages 5+

Dance Code Belle

Best for ages 5 and up, this tech toy encourages princess fans to code by teaching them to choreograph dances for Beauty and the Beast’s Belle.

Dance Code Belle will perform 10 different dances when you touch her necklace, and she can say over 100 phrases and sing 7 songs! An app enhances coding capabilities, but kids can play with Belle offline, too. 4 AA batteries are not included.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck

There’s just something about this food truck that kids love!

It’s a kitchen playset on one side and a food truck ordering window on the other. Best for ages 2 and over, the 2-in-1 food truck comes with over 40 accessories — everything a little hot dog vendor or ice cream scooper could need. Just flip the sign to switch it up! 

Little customers can order cones or dogs at the window, then hand over their credit card. Order up!

Best For A Speed Racer

The best scooter on the market, Micro Mini’s Mini Original (or upgrade with the adjustable Deluxe) is perfect for the two to five year-old rider. 

Little ones can easily navigate the turn-to-steer design, and the smooth ride and non-marking wheels make it easy to see why Micro Mini has won so many awards! Plus gals can choose their favorite color — it’s available in eight shades.

Roaring Robotic Animal

New this year from Hasbro, the latest FurReal robotic animal is an adorable baby tiger. 

Roarin’ Tyler plays interactively with kids — multiple sensors allow for expressive eyes and 100+ sound and motion combinations. This furry tech toy is posable and responsive; he roars back when kids roar at him! Tyler is also quite sizable, making for satisfying tiger snuggles. 4C batteries are included. Ages 4+

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Best for ages 6 and up, Dash is a fun little robot that kids can program themselves. 

The award-winning toy comes assembled and ready to go. Use the free Wonder app to program Dash, or connect to LEGO systems (two Building Brick Connectors are included, along with a USB charging cable). 

Upgrade to the Wonder Pack and get Dash and the smaller Dot robot, plus extra Building Brick Connectors, and all kids of other fun accessories.

LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer

Best for ages 9 and up, the First Order Star Destroyer LEGO set contains over 1400 pieces and will satisfy LEGO and Star Wars fans alike. 

This giant model depicts the ship from Star Wars: Episode VIII and the set includes 5 minifigures, and 2 droids. It’s so detailed! Fully built, the Star Destroyer is 22” long, 12” wide, and 5” high.

L.O.L Surprise! Big Surprise

One of this year’s hottest toys, the L.O.L Surpries! Big Surprise contains over 50 small items inside the glittery case, including the popular tiny dolls (4 of them) and their clothes, accessories, bath fizzes, and stickers. 

It’s sold out pretty much everywhere, but if you can get your hands on one, your little one will have a lot of fun ripping open the packaging and discovering what’s inside all those plastic balls!

Best Barbie Camper

If you’re looking for wow factor for your Barbie girl, look no further. This huge RV play set features everything needed to camp in style. From a campfire with marshmallows, to a pool with a slide, to a full kitchen with tons of tiny accessories, her dolls will have a good time glamping! 

Once Barbie drives to her desired spot, press a button and watch the pink vehicle expand. There are two hammocks plus a bed up top for sleeping. When the trip is done, fold it all up and drive off. Dolls sold separately.

Hatchimals Surprise

The latest incarnation of the popular Hatchimal toy includes two colorful creatures instead of just one — that’s the surprise! 

Kids can help their interactive twins hatch from their egg, and then there’s more fun to be had! The Hatchimals can respond to touch and sound, and they “talk,” sing, dance, and more. Mythical creatures include Giravens, Peacats, Deerioles, Zuffins, and Puppadees. Best for ages 5 and up. Batteries included.

Luvabella Baby Doll

This year’s hit baby doll is a high tech wonder. 

She may be a robot, but Luvabella has facial expressions and she responds to touch. She can even babble, and speaks over 100 words and phrases. Luvabella includes the doll, outfit, and accessories. 4 C batteries are required (not included). A boy version, Luvabeau, is also available.

Hit Tech Remake

Teddy Ruxpin is back, and now he uses modern technology to tell his signature tales. LCD eyes show over 40 expressions and his animatronic mouth syncs to his speech. 

The cuddly 14” bear includes 3 stories, and a free Storytime app contains 7 more (you can use him with or without the app). He also features a singalong mode, and kids can control the stories and songs with touch sensors — start and stop by squeezing his paw, or touch Teddy’s vest to fast-forward. Best for ages 3+

Thomas & Friends Super Station

Blow your little conductor’s mind with this enormous train set! The Thomas & Friends Super Station includes a collection of vehicles, including TrackMaster Thomas, Percy, and MINIS James and Harold.

The set can hold over 100 engines, and it includes over 35 feet of track, ensuring hours of play. And it works with most existing Thomas sets! If you already have TrackMaster, Adventures, MINIS, or Wooden Railway sets — they all work with the Super Station.

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