Helix Foam Mattress Review

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Helix Foam Mattress Review

If you and your partner have trouble agreeing on one type of mattress, you should definitely check out the $900 Helixsleep. Each foam mattress is personalized based on a simple questionnaire to provide you with the ideal levels of firmness, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity.

Once you complete the survey, Helixsleep gives you two options: You can either request a blended, uniform mattress designed around both your needs, or a dual comfort mattress where one side is designed for you while the other side is designed for your partner. Note that the dual mattress option will add $100 to your total cost.

The only potential stopper here is the higher-than-average price -- the customizable Helixsleep is definitely a premium product. That said, if you’ve already tried (and been dissatisfied with) a foam mattress or are just incredibly particular about your bed, the Helixsleep is worth the price. It’s our pick for the best personalized foam mattress.