New! Series 2 Hairdorables Dolls!

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New! Series 2 Hairdorables Dolls!

Hit surprise toy Hairdorables is back with series 2, and the latest big-haired dolls feature brand new styles, including buns, braids, bangs, and a Color Reveal accessory. The 12 "Big Hair Don't Care" characters are based on the animated Hairdorables YouTube series (about hairstyling vloggers). The thing that makes Just Play's Hairdorables so fun is their head of wild, colorful hair. Your doll could have cotton candy pastel curls, or she could have sleek, jet-black locks. Or teal waves! There's a comb for styling, and the included accessories are a great bonus. The dolls come in a package that's a blast to open; there are 11 surprises in all, including stickers, shoes, a comb, and 2 accessories.

The twist on this series is that 1 accessory changes color in cold water. A doll stand is also included, which is a nice addition to series 2, and something that kids will appreciate. And like the packaging from series 1, the blind box folds out into a play area backdrop with a closet. Each doll's outfit and accessories are themed to her talent or hobby. For instance, Water Willow has a mermaid fin, Delightful DeeDee loves baking (she comes with a whisk), and Insta Noah has a tiny, color-change camera.

There are 26 new personas in series 2, including one rare (Harmonic Harmony) and one ultra-rare (Sea Willow) doll. Best for ages 3+, we predict series 2 will be a big hit at birthday parties in 2019. And the series 2 gals aren't the only new toys in the line; Be sure to check out Hairdorables Pets! Available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and everywhere Hairdorables are sold.

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