Hairdorables Pets join the crazy hair crew

Hairdorables Pets join the crazy hair crew

Which pet will you get? Surprise box animals with wild hair styles

It was only a matter of time before Hairdorables Pets showed up — and we're glad they did! Pets are a fun addition to her Hairdorables collection. There are 24 different animal friends available to accompany the Hairdorables gals in series 1 ( 2 color versions of each of the 12 animals). And there's 1 ultra-rare figure in series 1 to hunt for, Zany Zip. Each colorful pet comes with a brush to style its colorful coif, plus 2 accessories (for instance a comb and a food bowl), 2 stickers, an adoption card, and a collector list. You could get a pink bunny with a top hat, a flying unicorn with a floral hair clip and flowing pink locks, or maybe an artistic cat with blue hair and a jaunty beret. Other animals include a lion, pony, zebra, chihuahua, and fox.

Like Hairdorables dolls, pull and peel the Pets packaging to reveal the hidden surprises in the blind box. 8 surprises are included in each box, and the packaging folds out to become a backdrop. Best for ages 3 and up. Get yours in January at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and everywhere Hairdorables are sold!

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