Hairdorables Collectible Surprise Dolls Review

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By | Updated July 16, 2018
Hairdorables Collectible Surprise Dolls Review

Move over L.O.L. Surprise, Hairdorables are here! If your child loves the surprise of unboxing, and little dolls with accessories, chances are they'll love these new collectible dolls from Just Play. There are 36 possible variations that can be revealed from the fun blind boxes (there are three versions of the 12 Hairdorables dolls).

And the dolls have backstories! The main character in this line is Noah, who is a hairstyling vlogger with a #hairdorable YouTube channel. (Talk about appealing to today's kids!) Noah and her friends have "Big Hair Don't Care" attitudes, and they also literally have big hair.

That's actually the main appeal of these dolls. Each one has a huge, fun, colorful hairstyle. Yours could have thick teal braids, or a rainbow 'fro, or anything in between. Like L.O.L. Surprise dolls, peel and unwrap the package (this one is a cardboard box rather than a plastic ball) and find 11 accessories and a Hairdorables girl inside.

Accessories can include shoes, glasses, angel wings, roller skates, bags, headbands, hats, etc. (Be warned: tiny stickers that will surely be lost immediately count as some of the surprises.) The packaging folds out into a play area for the doll. To add to the fun, there are two rare dolls and one ultra-rare doll kids can search for. Due to the tiny accessories this is best for ages 3 and up. Hairdorables are so fun to open and satisfying for little ones to style.

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