Guide to the Best Wireless Headphones for Your Next Workout

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Guide to the Best Wireless Headphones for Your Next Workout
Sam Edwards

If you haven't experienced the freedom of wireless sports headphones, you're missing out on a great convenience. They offer added freedom and safety at the gym by untethering your head from your phone. And besides -- they're just plain cool pieces of advanced technology to own and show off.

Not all wireless sport headphones are created equal, though. Here's the right pair for any preference and budget.


Best Wireless On-Ear Budget Workout Headphones

Best Wireless On-Ear Budget Workout Headphones

If you want a solid pair of wireless headphones for the gym without spending a fortune, look no further. The BTS Sport from 66 Audio has all the basics, including on-ear controls, an integrated mic and multipoint BlueTooth support. It’s killer feature, though, is its 25-30 hour battery life -- you can leave this one in your gym bag for weeks. That’s why it’s our pick for the best on-ear budget wireless sport headphones.

Best Wireless Running Headphones On A Budget
Sam Edwards

Attention marathon runners, amateur joggers, and gym goers alike: We found your next set of headphones. The BackBeat Fit from Plantronics offers up a suite of great features that include on-ear controls, safety ear tips (important for outdoor runs), and an IP57 nano-coating that resists sweat. And no worries if your battery is running low before a workout: A 15-minute quick charge will buy you one hour of playtime. That’s why we’ve named the BackBeat Fit the best in-ear budget wireless headphones.

Best Washable Wireless Sports Headphones for the Gym

If you take your headphones to the gym all the time, they’re going to get sweaty and gross. Fortunately, the Urbanears Hellas helps combat this grossness in a smart way: Its colorful headband and ear cushions are detachable and washable. The hardware is solid too: Hellas boast 14-hour battery life and an on-ear touch interface, so you won’t need to interrupt your run to fiddle with your phone. That’s why we’re confident that Urbanears Hellas are the best washable headphones you can buy.

Best Wireless Sports Headphones for Music Lovers

If you love to lose yourself in the music during your workouts, look no further for your next pair of sealed in-ear sports headphones. The sweatproof Jaybird X3 offers a nice suite of premium features at a reasonable, not-so-premium price. It’s easy to turn up the bass with the free Mysound app, while a remote makes it easy to adjust volume without fumbling with your phone. Their small size does mean a smaller battery, though: Expect just 8 hours of playtime on a full charge. That aside, we still maintain that the Jaybird X3 is the best sealed sports wireless headphones available for music lovers.


Best On-Ear Premium Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Best On-Ear Premium Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Lifter brethren: There’s a lot to love about SMS Audio’s On-Ear Wireless Sport. Its memory foam ear cups offer great comfort, its rubberized coating protects from damage, and IPX4 water resistance protects against sweat. The 10-hour battery can handle a week of workouts without a recharge. But best of all, it has a foldable design, making it easy to slip in your gym bag when the workout is done. SMS Audio’s On-Ear Wireless Sport are the best on-ear premium wireless headphones you can buy for working out.

Best Workout Headphones With Apple W1 Support

Our pick: Powerbeats3 Wireless

There’s a reason why technophiles love the Apple W1 chip: It makes pairing wireless sports headphones such as the Powerbeats 3 Wireless to your iPhone a breeze. The sweat- and water-resistant tech lasts 12 hours on a charge; ‘Fast Fuel’ tech gives you an hour of playtime with just 5 minutes of charging -- it’s great when you’re in a rush for your next gym class. Flexible earhooks keep them secure to your head during exercise, while its water-resistant exterior can handle your sweat. And yes, these Apple-supported headphones definitely interface with Siri. That’s why they’re our pick for the best in-ear wireless headphones for Apple fans.

Best Premium Cordless Earbuds for Working Out

Move over Apple Airpods, there’s a new top cordless earbud in town. The sweatproof Jabra Elite Sport has a top-tier list of athlete-minded features, including an in-ear heart rate monitor and access to the Jabra Sport Life training app with in-ear coaching and performance evaluation. The only drawback: These tiny buds only offer 3 hours of play (though this extends to 9 hours total with the included portable charging case). Still, it’s worth it -- the Jabra Elite Sport is our pick for the best premium cordless earbuds.

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