The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget

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By Guide Staff | March 3rd, 2017
The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget

Choosing the right sports headphones for the gym can be surprisingly difficult. There’s an absolutely mind-bending number of different options, features and price points. Fortunately, though, this means you can find an almost personalized pair that’s perfect for your unique needs … with a little help.

From the best pair of budget headphones to the perfect premium pair for iPhone 7 fanatics, these are the best rated, best performing and best valued wired sports headphones you can buy.


Best Workout Headphones for Women On A Budget

Want a solid pair of headphones for the gym without breaking the bank? For women, we like the Koss FitClips, an inexpensive (but good) pair of headphones designed to stay put through the most fast-paced exercise. You won’t find any advanced features here—there’s no mic or in-line remote—just a solid pair of workout headphones that handle all the basics for under $20. The Koss FitClips are our choice for the best women’s workout headphones for those on a budget.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Koss FitClips

$15See On Target
$20See On Amazon

Best Budget Wired Headphones for Running

If you’re a runner, you know how important it is to have a pair of unsealed headphones for safety. Here, the Yurbuds Inspire 200 fit the bill perfectly on a budget: These in-ear, sweat-resistant headphones allow in just the right amount of ambient sound. Their twist-to-lock design keeps them in your ear at any running pace, while its “quik clik” design uses magnets to keep the cord untangled while stashed in your gym bag. These simple, no-nonsense features—and it’s $30 price tag—make the Yurbuds Inspire 200 our pick for the best headphones for runners on a budget.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Yurbuds Inspire 200

$30See On Amazon

Best On-Ear Wired Sports Headphones

The Skullcandy Grind are an attractive, low-profile pair of on-ear headphones that offer great sound at an incredibly reasonable $40 price point. They offer quality-of-life features found in much more expensive brands, such as a built-in mic (for taking calls) and an on-ear control button that lets you skip tracks and pause music when needed. They also have a detachable cable, which helps reduce tangling.

All these features add up to make the Skullcandy Grind a fantastic value. They’re our pick for the best on-ear sports headphones.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Skullcandy Grind

$40See On Amazon

Best Antibacterial Sports Headphones

If you workout frequently, then you know how gross sports headphones can get. We love the Sennheiser CX 686G sports headphones, in part, because its ear adapters are made with an anti-bacterial, fully washable material. The sealed, in-ear design blocks out unwanted gym noise, while an in-line remote and mic work (with Android phone support) to make and receive calls. And yes, they have terrific, crisp sound, too.

In short, the Sennheiser CX 686G are a fantastic pair of headphones for their $60 suggested retail price, and our choice for the best antibacterial sports headphones you can buy.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Sennheiser CX 686G in-ear sports headphones

$40See On Amazon
$40See On Target

Best Sports Headphones For Swimmers

Yes, you really can wear headphones in the pool—so long as they’re specifically designed for it, like the Swimbuds Sport by Underwater Audio are. They’re in-ear headphones that provide a water-tight seal, delivering high quality sound under the waves. The package includes eartips designed for other activities, too, such as surfing, wakeboarding, running and biking.

You’ll spend a little bit extra for the one-of-a-kind, immersible design ($70), but we think the expense it worth it. They’re our pick for the best sports headphones for swimmers.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport

$70See On Amazon
$70See On Underwater Audio

Best Premium In-Ear Headphones For Runners

Chances are, you’ve already heard about the Bose name: It’s synonymous with high-quality headphones. And indeed, the sweatproof Bose Soundsport are just that—in-ear safety headphones that deliver incredibly crisp highs and natural lows. An Apple-compatible, in-line remote and mic adds even more value for runners (sorry, Android owners). At $100, they’re an easy choice for the best premium in-ear headphones for runners you can buy.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Bose Soundsport

$100See On Amazon
$100See On Target
$100See On Bose

Best On-Ear Premium Headphones For Working Out

Move aside, Beats, there’s a new top premium on-ear headphone in town. The Combat+ from Soul Electronics have especially impressed us with their interchangeable and washable ear pads, made from body-heat activated memory foam. A compression fit keeps them secure during exercise, while the breathable headband keeps you cool. Add in an in-line remote with mic, a removable cable, sweat-resistance and the free hard carry case, and you can see why the Soul Electronics Combat+ is our pick for the best on-ear premium headphones for working out.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

Soul Electronics Combat+

$145See On Amazon

Best In-Ear iPhone 7 Headphones You Can Buy

If you’re in need of a new pair of premium in-ear, lightning-compatible iPhone 7 headphones, we strongly recommend you check out the JBL Reflect Aware. They offer both adaptive noise control (great for runners) and a full noise cancellation mode for drowning out the loudest grunts at the gym. An inline remote and mic completes the Reflect Aware’s impressive set of features.

Though they won’t work with any of your Android or older Apple devices, we still love these headphones for exclusive iPhone use. They’re our pick for the best in-ear iPhone 7 headphones you can buy.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

JBL Reflect Aware

$200See On B&H Photo
$200See On JBL
$200See On Fry's

Best Sports Upgrade To Your iPhone 7 Headphones

The EarBuddyz EarPod cover is a simple, yet genius product. It’s a silicone cover that slips over your stock Apple Earpods, improving their ability to grip your inner ear during exercise and making them more comfortable to wear as well. The hook attachment gives EarBuddyz even more staying power.

At $10, they’re a great option for upgrading your stock iPhone 7 headphones without spending hundreds on a new pair. EarBuddyz are\ our choice for the best iPhone 7 headphone upgrade available.

The Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget - GUIDE.COM

EarBuddyz Ear Hook Covers

$10See On Amazon