The Best Umbrellas To Cover All Your Rainy Day Needs

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The Best Umbrellas To Cover All Your Rainy Day Needs

This is the time of year when you don’t have to live in Seattle to feel like it might never, ever stop raining. 

You want an umbrella that will meet your particular needs, whether it’s one that’s compact and easy to carry, otherwise called a travel umbrella, or one that’s big enough to cover you and your dog when you go for a walk. We’ve got you covered with this list of the 11 best umbrellas for different needs.

Best Budget Travel Umbrella

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella combination of price and performance make it our pick for the best budget travel umbrella. At 11 inches high, 10 ounces and less than $20, this compact umbrella from Lewis N. Clark will be easy to bring along on a rainy day. It opens and closes at the touch of  button and the canopy is made of quick drying polyester. 

Best Premium Travel Umbrella

If you’re the kind of person who likes to pick something, buy it, and then never think about it again, the Davek Solo is right up your alley. How does an unconditional lifetime guarantee sound to you? We’re guessing pretty great. The folks at Davek are able to do that because this umbrella is designed and manufactured with innovations that will provide a lifetime of use, guaranteed!

The Guide's Choice for the Best Travel Umbrella

The Blunt umbrella is a strong umbrella with no sharp points. It has a tight canopy, which creates a strong aerodynamic structure. It can handle very strong winds (tested to 55 mph,) yet is easy to open and close.  That distinctive sihouette will definitely get attention. At 14 inches long closed and .8 pounds and $60, it’s our choice for the best travel umbrella. 

Best Travel Umbrella If You Want Color in Your Life

If you like color with a capital C, you’re going to want to check out the Crown Coast Travel umbrella. Available in 20 colors (including camouflage, sky, and -- our favorite -- rainbow.) This pretty umbrella also features flex memory frame technology that will bounce it right back into shape if the canopy gets blown inside-out.

Best Umbrella If You Need to See in a Downpour

While everyone else has their umbrellas pressed against the rain, trying to navigate the streets while looking at their feet, you will be happily ensconced in your all-seeing umbrella bubble. Made from PVC, this umbrella’s clear, 51-inch, extended dome canopy with keep you dry and allow you to keep an eye out for cars, other people, and rain snakes (we’re pretty sure they’re real.)

Best Travel Umbrella for Gale Force Winds

Worried about 55 MPH winds? Don’t be -- you’ve got the Gustbuster. This extra-sturdy umbrella handles the strongest winds like a boss. No inverting or breaking. The Gustbuster features a sure-grip comfort handle and a 43-inch double canopy. Even better, it comes with a carrying bag that can function as a shoulder bag or backpack for easy carrying.


Best Large Umbrella

Best Large Umbrella

Are you looking for a classic, wooden-handled umbrella that has all the bells and whistles of the modern age? Well, this Totes umbrella is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. With an open/close push button and a generous 48-inch canopy, It also features Totes’ Never-Wet Technology, a water-repellent coating that keep your umbrella 4x drier so the water will not end up on your floor when you put it down.


Best Umbrella If You Need a Really Really Big Umbrella

Best Umbrella If You Need a Really Really Big Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are meant to be large so that they can protect golfers from the sun and rain. So if you are looking for a no-fooling around, huge umbrella, then you want an oversized golf umbrella like this one by RainLax. With a whopping 62-inch canopy, it will keep you and the acre of land that surrounds you dry. These umbrellas are also UV-resistant, which makes them a great choice for getting a whole lot of shade at the beach.

Best Umbrella for Hiking

When you’re already carrying a heavy pack, the last thing you want to do is add another pound-worth of umbrella. At only 8.5 ounces, this featherweight, compact umbrella is the perfect companion for those long outings. Meant for the outdoors, it’s decay and corrosion resistant. And its nylon carrying case has a loop and an aluminum clip that make it easy to attach to your backpack. 


Best Umbrella Splurge

Best Umbrella Splurge

You’ve got the money, and you need an umbrella, so why not get an Alexander McQueen umbrella with a golden skull for a handle? Honestly, it’d almost be irresponsible not to. Available only in black because of course it is, this beautiful umbrella will let you dodge rain puddles in style.

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