Guide to the Best Travel Umbrellas

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Guide to the Best Travel Umbrellas

A travel umbrella is an umbrella that’s compact and easy to carry... and of course keeps you dry. Typically the canopy is a little smaller than that of a full size umbrella, which makes them appropriate for a single person. 

Below are our picks for the best travel umbrellas. All are less than a foot and a half long closed and 1.2 pounds, are durable and do the trick.

The Guide's Choice for the Best Travel Umbrella

The Blunt umbrella is a strong umbrella with no sharp points. It has a tight canopy, which creates a strong aerodynamic structure. It can handle very strong winds (tested to 55 mph,) yet is easy to open and close.  That distinctive sihouette will definitely get attention. At 14 inches long closed and .8 pounds and $60, it’s our choice for the best travel umbrella. 

Best Budget Travel Umbrella

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella combination of price and performance make it our pick for the best budget travel umbrella. At 11 inches high, 10 ounces and less than $20, this compact umbrella from Lewis N. Clark will be easy to bring along on a rainy day. It opens and closes at the touch of  button and the canopy is made of quick drying polyester. 

Best Premium Travel Umbrella

If you’re the kind of person who likes to pick something, buy it, and then never think about it again, the Davek Solo is right up your alley. How does an unconditional lifetime guarantee sound to you? We’re guessing pretty great. The folks at Davek are able to do that because this umbrella is designed and manufactured with innovations that will provide a lifetime of use, guaranteed!

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