The Best Subscription Boxes for Pro-Level Snackers

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The Best Subscription Boxes for Pro-Level Snackers

It’s true that for some people a rumbling tummy only warrants a trip to grab some mixed nuts from the pantry or some carrot sticks from the fridge. This list is not for those people. No, this list is for pro-level snackers. These are the snackers who crave a healthy snack variety and love trying new things to sate their all-too-predictable hunger pangs.

If that is you, subscription snack boxes are here to help, and our guide to the best snack boxes has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for vegan snacks, want to be surprised with a healthy variety, or are a carnivore that craves delicious meats.

Best Snack Box If You Crave Variety

With more than 100 snacks available through graze, snackers are unlikely to get the same box twice. After signing up, users are able to input their food preferences and an algorithm chooses the best combination for their box. Every box comes packed with eight portioned snacks and subscribers can choose to have a box delivered either every week or every other week.

Best Healthy Snack Box

UrthBox’s mission is to make health a priority in subscribers’ lives. All products included in UrthBoxes must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing standards. Basically, this box polices itself, so you’re never noshing on something that isn’t good for you. There are four different box types available from urthbox based on your nutritional needs—Classic, Diet, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

Best Snack Box for Control Freaks

Ok, so here’s how NatureBox works: You become a member or $5 a month, and with that membership you are able to order from an ever-expanding selection of more than 100 snacks—at a discounted rate—as often as you’d like. And that $5 membership fee is credited toward your purchases. So you are the end-all, be-all when it comes to picking high-quality snacks that are free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Best Snack Box for Smoothie Addicts

Not all snacks need to be chewed. GreenBlender sends a weekly box that includes five new smoothie recipes and the pre-portioned ingredients needed to make 10 smoothies. The ingredients for each smoothie are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and fiber and are sourced from organic and local farms whenever possible.

Best International Snack Subscription Box

MunchPak is the best snack subscription box that lets you travel around the world via your palate. The snacks tend to reflect popular treats in far flung corners of the world and you can also add a beverage to your box for an additional $5.

As extra touch, each box comes with a cute printed note that is signed by the person who packed your box that month. Snack overload? You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time online.

Best Snack Box for Vegans

Animal lovers rejoice—there is a snack box for you! The Vegan Cuts snack box delivers 10 or more full and sample size vegan snacks on a monthly basis. Because Vegan Cuts has a team of “vegan sleuths” who are always searching online shops, festivals, and stores looking for the best products, subscribers can rest assured that everything the received is animal-friendly.

Best Snack Box for Chocoholics

We didn’t forget about you, chocolate-lovers. Monthly chocolate subscription Chococurb lives and breathes chocolate, curating boxes that include unique and high-quality chocolates from both small, local chocolatiers and established brands from all over the world. Billed as a chocolate discovery experience, subscribers will be able to expand their chocolate horizons and find new favorites.

Best Snack Box for Carnivores

Sometimes, snackers just crave a meaty treat. Look no further than Jerky Snob, a monthly subscription box for carnivores. Each box contains either a half or full pound of carefully selected premium jerky. The snacks shipped by Jerky Snob have no MSG, no nitrates, no nitrites, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Best Snack Box for Athletes (also known as Snackletes)

Few things can whet someone's appetite like working up a sweat. Fit Snack is a monthly subscription service for people who love hitting the gym or going out for a run. Each box is packed with delicious and healthy snacks and also contains a monthly Fit Snack workout, complete with accompanying music downloads!

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