The 11 Best Meal Kits That Deliver to Your Door

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By | Updated June 04, 2018
The 11 Best Meal Kits That Deliver to Your Door

Looking to eat healthier, spend less time in the kitchen, and/or get the kids more involved? There's a meal delivery service that's perfect for you.

Traditionally, you subscribe to a changing weekly roster of meal kits, and each company has its own recipes of varying difficulty levels. Since juices and smoothies have become a staple of the health food zeitgeist, we also included a few newer services that focus on nutritious beverages.

All of these subscriptions also serve as accessible ways to discover new ingredients and flavors in order to help you build a more complex palate as well as kitchen confidence. Break out the cutlery and slice into these great meal delivery services. 

Most Chef-y Meal Delivery Subscription

Blue Apron achieved its household name status through its dedication to sourcing sustainable ingredients and crafting great recipes. Their meals feature fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers and artisanal purveyors. Chefs bring these precisely portioned elements to life with their easy-to-follow recipes.

Vegetarians can enjoy meatless meal options on the two person plan. All meal plans can be customized to adhere to other dietary restrictions. If you start to miss going to the grocery store, you can easily skip or cancel your subscription online.

Best Meal Delivery Service for Vegans

Vegan eaters can rest assured their savory meal is entirely plant-based. The chefs create weekly meals based off fresh, seasonal ingredients, such as Coconut Tofu with Mango Fried Cauliflower Rice, and Spaghetti and Beetballs. Even if you're not vegan or vegetarian, this is certainly a simple way to stick to your resolution to eat more veggies this year.

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service for Dieters Who Don’t Cook

Veestro offers completely pre-made plant-based meals for vegans with gluten-free, kosher, and gluten-free kosher options. Each meal pack contains roughly 24 meals and/or juices (eight days worth of food) that you simply reheat. This is a great service for new vegans with limited kitchen skills, vegan veterans stuck in a cooking rut, and people just looking to try out veganism for dietary reasons. 

Best Meal Delivery Service for Families with Kids

Step aside, fast-food chicken nuggets and fries; there's another way to get kids excited about food. One Potato is a kid-focused meal service the sends families organic, pre-prepped, non-GMO ingredients to create family-friendly recipes in 30 minutes or less. Every recipe comes with tips on how kids can safely help in the kitchen to make them a part of the preparation.

Best Customizable Meal Delivery Subscription

HelloFresh followed Blue Apron's sustainable path and established partnerships with local farmers throughout the contiguous U.S. They're carving out their own spot in the salted limelight by giving their subscribers more options when it comes to choosing their meals.

On the Classic plan, you can choose from 10 different recipes each week based on their ingredients, difficulty level, cook time, and nutritional information. You can change your delivery date, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription online.

Best Meal Delivery Service if You Love to Cook

For those who love to cook (or want to love to cook), Plated is a good fit for you. Their season-inspired meals take between 20 minutes to one hour and can be more complex than the average meal kit (skill level is clearly marked on each recipe). Choose from 11 new chef-designed recipes each week and get ready for your MasterChef audition!

Best Meal Delivery Service If You Want Flexibility

There's so much to choose from with Chef'd; it's like the Willy Wonka's of meal services. Select, either with a plan or a la carte, from hundreds of recipes with special categories including family-friendly, lighter options, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. You even have your choice of breakfasts and desserts, too.

Best Meal Delivery Service with a Southern Twist

We do declare … that this meal delivery service is a southern belle! PeachDish's meals combine farm fresh ingredients and southern recipes for tasty results. They mainly use USDA certified organic foods in these comforting dishes and swap in local artisan food products when necessary. In addition to their omnivore meals, they offer gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals, plus a dessert option or two!

Best Fresh Smoothie Ingredient Delivery Service

Smoothie time! Never run out of ingredients for delicious smoothies again with a GreenBlender subscription. Each box is packed with seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as superfoods like rose hips. You'll still need to rinse and prep the produce, but the recipes you choose are precisely portioned to yield two servings. 

Best Frozen Smoothie Delivery Service

If you don't have time to prep your smoothies every day, try Daily Harvest. With their subscription service, you receive at least six frozen cups on a weekly or monthly basis. Each cup has pre-cut, perfectly portioned produce and superfoods that you can throw into a blender with the liquid base of your choice. Plus, you can pour the finished smoothie back into the cup!

Best Health Juice Delivery Service

Don't want to blend anything? No problem. Suja Juice offers subscriptions to various juices with pack containing anywhere from 6–48 bottles. You can get variety packs, including a sugar-free one, or you could just order green juice.

You have to commit to three months before you can cancel (that's a lot of juice) and not everyone likes the same kinds of juices, so we recommend trying out Suja Juices at a grocery store or pharmacy near you. Should you enjoy it, this subscription is a great way to always have nutritious juices handy.

Update 06/04/2018: Due to a significant decline in customer service, multiple reports of rotten food shipping, and major company downsizing, we removed Gobble, Green Chef, and Munchery from our recommendations. As these types of companies grow, it can become hard to maintain quality standards.

For this reason, we're keeping an eye on Home Chef, a popular service recently acquired by national supermarket giant Kroger. Home Chef has steadily grown without sacrificing quality on its own, but the dust needs to settle on this deal before we can recommend it.

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