The Best Meal-Delivery Services for Valentine’s Day

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The Best Meal-Delivery Services for Valentine’s Day

Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is decidedly unromantic. Most of the time, if you can even get a reservation, you’re in for an overpriced prix fixe meal consisting of kitchen leftovers, crowds of annoying cooing couples and clouds of cheap cologne. That is not going to put anyone in a romantic mood.

Why not stay home and whip up something yourself? Definitely more romantic! You say you don’t know how to cook, or that idea seems too complicated?

There are a couple of meal-delivery services that will send you everything you need to create a fabulous Valentine’s Day dinner at home. They do the heavy lifting, you look like the hero. (But don’t forget the roses!)


Chef’d specializes in meals created by top chefs, such as Food Network stars and literal “Top Chef” winners. 

The six Valentine’s Day selections range from $23 for two for honey and miso-roasted Chinese eggplant with farro, sesame and jalapeno to $39 for miso-glazed sea bass. 

To get your Valentine’s Day bundle delivered in time, order by Thursday, February 9 at 11 a.m. PST. 

Chef'd Valentine’s Day Meal Delivery Service

PeachDish offers three-course “Date Night Kits” that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Choices during Cupid’s week include filet mignon over buttery mashed potatoes ($106 for two); spicy wild Alaskan cod curry ($88 for two); and creamy egg noodles with mushrooms ($82 for two). All come with a cheese course and flourless chocolate cake!

Or you can order just a main dish and cover the dessert yourself (or cover yourself in dessert, whatever the case may be.) They even suggest wine pairings.

PeachDish Valentine’s Day Meal-Delivery Service