5 Top Manual Espresso Machines

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5 Top Manual Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machines are for DIY-ers who want to take control of their caffeine. These machines are powered by manually-generated pressure, require no electricity, and are often portable. 

Whether you're an espresso lover looking to take things to the next level, going camping soon and want... nay need a nice shot of espresso to wake up, or don't think the office coffee is up to your standards, one of these beauties will help you create the perfect espresso shot. 

Best Manual Espresso Machine That’s Also Super Cheap

This unique coffee and espresso maker is ideal for a beginner on a budget. This machine shares some similarities to a French press, using total immersion and pressure to produce a rich-flavored beverage. However, French presses can't make espresso, and this budget-friendly beauty can.

Best Espresso Machine For Camping

Living that nomad lifestyle? That doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your morning Americano. This small manual espresso machine is ideal for someone packing light who needs their fix at a moment's notice. Load it up with ground espresso coffee or a pod, pump it like a bicycle pump, and add a little hot water. It can take some elbow grease to get it going, so it's wise to preheat the container and pump with boiling water before using.

Best Espresso Machine That Also Looks Like a Spaceship

If you want an espresso-making spaceship on your kitchen counter, this is the machine for you. This eco-friendly espresso maker is built to last, too. The durable, metal machine allows you to make espresso and froth milk for beverages like lattes and cappuccinos. Seriously, your coworkers will be paying you for their morning beverages. This machine comes with a 10-year warranty, ideal for the espresso lover who's looking to make an investment.

Best Espresso Machine for Tiny Kitchens

Don't have room for another huge appliance? No problem. This sleek, compact machine makes quality espresso anywhere. This lightweight and portable espresso maker is so simple you can do it at your desk at work. Add your ground coffee, hot water, then unlock the piston and pump. Voilà! You're sipping shots before you know it. 

Want to make it even simpler? They have a model that uses Nespresso capsules, making it more convenient to get your shot!

Best Manual Espresso Machine for the Foam Lover

Another portable coffee maker for the busy beverage-loving crowd, the Staresso allows you to make espresso, coffee, and cold brew. No worries if you're picky about your drink, you can also produce foam for your cappuccino. Who said you had to settle? 

With its versatile functions, you can make everyone's favorite brew with this manual machine.

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