The Best Indoor Herb Gardens for Every Home

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The Best Indoor Herb Gardens for Every Home

Whether you want to start cooking with robust, fresh herbs or you’re tired of throwing out store-bought herbs that seem to wilt faster than unpacking your groceries, an indoor herb garden is your answer. 

But which garden is best for you? Some want to learn the ropes of gardening while others want to do as little work as physically possible. Some need a large variety, and others need a plant for their small space. We’ve got the best indoor herb garden for whatever your preference is to get you on your way to learning how to garden, livening up meals, or any other reason you want to start growing herbs. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden for The Busy Foodie

Every foodie can appreciate how robust, flavorful herbs can liven up any dish and add so much to a meal. This easy-to-use indoor garden grows fresh basil, chives, sage, and many more herbs right on your kitchen counter. Simply insert the plant capsules, add water, plug it in, and watch your plants bloom before your eyes.

Best Indoor Herb Garden for Tiny Spaces

No space for a garden? No problem. These half-pint glass mason jars, measuring at just 4 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide, are the perfect solution for apartments, dorm rooms, or any other small spaces. Basil, cilantro, parsley, and mint are grown using a mixture of organic and non-GMO products. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden for the Rustic Aesthete

If kitchen aesthetics are equally important to the herbs grown, opt for the stylish look of this Reclaimed Barn Wood Planter Box. As the name suggests, the planter is made from repurposed barn wood giving it a sought-after rustic look. The box measures roughly 15 inches by six inches, and each one is unique since it is handmade. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden if You Don’t Want to do Any Work

Some people love a hard day’s work spent sweating in their garden covered in dirt. And some just want to reap the benefits. For the latter, you’ll love the Cole & Mason self-watering planter. With it, you can keep a store bought herb plant with just about zero effort. It uses hydro-pads, which draws the water as needed, and it requires 40 percent less water than a normal plant. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden to Look Like a Master Gardener

Seven different herbs can be grown all at once, giving you a variety of flavors to add to your meal repertoire and making you an indoor gardener extraordinaire.  Herbs are grown in water instead of soil and use a 30-watt high-performance, LED lighting system which gives you results in up to five times faster than you’d get from ordinary planting. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden for a Family Learning Experience

Whether it’s the science of how food is grown, how to eat better with nutritious choices, or how to safely and healthily cook delicious meals, this is a learning experience in a can in addition to a garden-in-a-can. Download the full Garden-in-a-Can hands-on curriculum to accompany your experience while growing fresh organic basil, cilantro, dill, and sage. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden for Aspiring Green Thumbs

If you want to dive into the wonderful world of gardening, Nature’s Blossom Sow & Grow is a great place to start. The seed germination kit is a good introduction to gardening, and the step-by-step sowing and growing instruction manual will show you the ropes. Use the seed starting soil to grow basil, thyme, cilantro, and other fresh herbs. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden if You Want Variety

For the versatile cook or anyone who simply craves variety and options, you’ll love this stackable vertical plant. Grow up to 12 fresh herbs all at once on this three-tier planter, including basil, thyme, rosemary, and dill. Choices don’t stop there – choose between three colors to grow your herbs, either outdoor or indoor. 

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