The Best Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy

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The Best Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy

So, you have to buy a present for a six-year-old boy - whether it’s your own or your child’s classmate, choosing the right gift can be tricky. Six is a weird age - they aren’t little boys anymore, but they also aren’t big boys yet. That means you’re stuck trying to find the sweet spot between Thomas the Train and Call of Duty.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of gifts for some of the different interests your six-year-old boy might have.


You mean he gets to pop balls out of a cow’s mouth and shoot them at a target? Your ball-loving boy would like to know where he can sign up immediately. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, this set comes with both a pony popper and a cow popper, 12 soft foam balls, and a target. And these balls can shoot over 20 feet, so you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for Aim Practice

Soccer isn’t a favorite sport among six-year-olds for nothing -- it involves kicking something, kicking that something hard, and getting points. This official premiere league ball ( in a size 3, which is perfect for little feet) has an almost-perfect rating at, and will have your little guy thinking he’s in the big leagues.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Soccer Fanatic

Donating to Save the Children for your child’s birthday gives them a tangible way to help children their age who aren’t as fortunate. You can make a one-time or recurring donation, or shop with your child in their on-line gift catalog and give a community in need items like a goat, a soccer ball, or fruit trees. And with an A rating from Charity Watch, you’ll feel good about it too.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Family Who Gives

It doesn’t get any cooler than having your own underwater world with plants and rabbits and stickers that glow in the dark. Your son will get to grow his own wheat and chia seeds in an adorable terrarium he can design himself. He’ll take pride in seeing his world grow and and change every day, and will love watching it glow at night.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Young Scientist

Got a trickster who thinks the height of hilarity is jumping out of nowhere and making you scream? Channel their sneaky ways into something everyone can enjoy, like this adorable magic set from Melissa & Doug. With four simple, beginner magic tricks included, your child can make you gasp in amazement instead of terror.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Joker

Send your son to the biggest bookstore in the world by giving him a gift certificate to Gift cards are available in denominations from $1 to $2,000, and come in card form or email form. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, and with the e-cards you can even send them a video of dogs singing Happy Birthday, and who doesn’t want that? The answer is: nobody.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Reader

You haven’t seen your kids’ drawing of an eight-legged, one-eared dog till you’ve seen it projected onto the ceiling at twenty times its original size. With the Crayola Projector Light Designer, kids use the included Color Wonder markers and paper (which are kept in the convenient built-in storage slots) to draw on reusable sheets and project their pictures onto the wall or ceiling. You’ll never be too busy to see your boy’s art again, because it will be bigger than he is.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Artist

Squap: not only is it a fantastic word to say, but it’s also a crazy fun game to play on the beach or in the pool. A best-selling toy in Europe and winner of multiple awards, these paddles shoot the ball out (at a very manageable speed) when your child opens the glove, and then closes with a satisfying clap around the ball when they catch it. They’re portable and easy to use. Boom.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for Summer Birthdays

It’s called the Snow Screamer -- that’s probably all the selling you’ll have to do to your son before he races to the nearest hill with this sled. It’s made of soft, laminated foam, so not only is it not going to put an eye out, but it’s also light, which is a huge bonus when you’re trudging up and down snowy hills.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for Winter Birthdays

If there’s one thing kids like, it’s building stuff; if there’s one thing they like even more, it’s stuff that lights up. Well, say hello to Laser Pegs: tinted construction bricks that can be lit up using the included Power Base. Each kind of kit (helicopters, planes, dragsters, and so on) makes at least 4 different models, and, even better, all the bricks can be used with any other kit.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Builder

Gloves with fingers that light up! They’re gloves! With fingers! That light up! With 6 different modes and 7 different colors, your son will love testing out the different settings and light patterns. These are a great gift for any kid, but especially those boys who can’t get enough of stuff that glows in the dark.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for Glow-in-the-dark Fanatics

Our pick: Sergeant Jyn Erso

Price: $25

Star Wars: Rogue One was the movie of the summer, and if your kid was as crazy about it as the rest of America was, then he will love this Sergeant Jyn Erso figure from Lego. Nine inches tall and highly posable, this easy-to-build figure can swing at the bad guys with her truncheons or fire away with a spring-loaded blaster rifle. Lego also calls it “durable,” and that’s always a big plus.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Star Wars Fan