The Best Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy

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The Best Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy

We’ve shopped every corner of the internet and beyond to find the best gift choices for the 6 year-old boy on your list. A wide range of price points are represented, so if you’re looking for a small gift or a special present, it’s here!

Whether he’s a LEGO guy, a nature-enthusiast, or a Star Wars fan — we’ve got super suggestions on the coolest toys. And they’re all available online, so shopping and ordering is convenient.

Thor Action Figure

If he enjoys super heroes, gift your little guy this 12” electronic Thor acton figure, modeled after the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Thor features sound effects and 5 points of articulation for movement. 

He also spouts signature phrases such as “I am the God of Thunder!” when you press the button on his chest. He comes with a hammer, naturally. 2 AA demo batteries are included. Best for ages 4 and up. Thor also works with Interactive Gladiator Hulk!

Melissa & Doug Giant Owl

The nature loving-kid will appreciate this cuddly and realistic stuffed owl. Its impressive stature — 17” tall — makes it a fun room addition. 

Best for ages 3+, this giant owl looks like he could take flight at any moment!

Wobbly Worm Game

Here’s a game to get them up and moving! Wobbles the worm bobs around crazily while kids try and get hoops around him. You can add segments to Wobbles, making him 3’ tall at his tallest; adjust the height to players’ skill level. 

Older kids can stand back and toss their rings for a greater challenge. Ideal for 2-3 players, this game requires 2 C batteries (not included). 

Storm Trooper Mask

Star Wars fans can pretend to be a First Order Stormtrooper with this electronic mask. The mask (from Star Wars: The Last Jedi) changes their voice into a commanding amplification. 

Adjustable straps mean this mask is a great fit for anyone. Hey, if he’s going to play Star Wars, why not get him a really cool mask! 3 1.5V AA batteries are included. Best for ages 5 and up.

Play-Doh Oven

Lights and sounds make this play oven seem real. Their confections appear to “bake” when placed in a special container in the oven, adding to the fun. 

The oven makes a “ding!” sound when its done. Kids can cook up their favorite Play-Doh recipes (tiny little cakes and cupcakes!) with 5 food attachments, cutters, utensils, and 6 cans of Play-Doh. For ages 3 and up. 3 AAA batteries required.

VTech Kid's Camera

This camera will be well-loved by any child. It’s an actual 1.3 megapixel digital camera that’s easy for small hands to maneuver. It operates intuitively, and features games, photo and video effects, a voice changer, and more.

A 1.8” color screen shows kids what they’re capturing, and it takes video as well. Up to 800 photos can be stored, and it supports memory cards. Download your child’s shots to your computer with the included USB cable. This camera is a great value for the money. Available in blue or pink.

Wooden Toy Tool Bench

Home improvement celebs Chip and Joanna Gaines have a new line at Target, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, and this tasteful toy tool bench is part of it. 

38 wood pieces are included, so he can saw, screw, and clamp away on creative projects. Best for ages 4 and up.

Nerf Star Wars Captain Phasma Blaster

Nerf and Star Wars? It’s a match made in little kid heaven. This cool bolt-action blaster fires glow-in-the-dark darts. 5 foam darts are included here, and they start glowing when fired! 

The blaster also features action sound effects thanks to 3 AA batteries, which are included. Best for ages 6 and up.

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

Sweet ride! This ride-on vehicle is a pricey gift, but one that he’s sure to get tons of use out of! The Role-play GMC Sierra Denali can go up to 5mph, and has a (12 volt) battery life of 8-12 hours. 

Features include opening doors, working lights, and MP3 player, and horn and engine sounds.  The rubber traction strips on the tires enable it to grip various surfaces better than other ride-on cars. Best for kids 3 years and over, the weight capacity is 130 lbs.

LEGO City High Speed Chase

We all know kids who just love LEGO sets. For those guys, check out this new LEGO City set. Best for ages 5-12, this 294-piece set can create a police helicopter (over 12” long when built), sports car, and police car. 

Set up a high-speed car chase with road barricades, and even cash money! The set includes building bricks, 4 mini figures (including a crook and 3 police officers) and plenty of gear and accessories.

Funko POP! Miguel

If he’s a collector, he might have an assortment of Funko figures. 

The fun vinyl figures depict pop culture characters, and now they offer Miguel, the boy from the recent Disney Pixar hit Coco. Miguel is 3.75” tall and thanks to his Dia de los Muertos disguise, he even glows in the dark.

Best For Car Guys

The biggest Hot Wheels garage ever will wow any little car collector. It features different action zones, like a tune-up shop, chomping shark, and gas station.

There are parking spots for 36 cars, and it connects to other Hot Wheels track sets. What more could a little car collector want?

Guess Who? Game

It’s the classic guessing game from the 80s — ask questions to determine which character your game partner has. 

Does he have a mustache? Does he wear glasses? Guess Who? is best for kids 6 and over. It comes with 2 game units featuring 48 friendly faces. Plus 24 mystery face cards.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Boat

Those feisty pups from the hit series Paw Patrol could really use this rescue vehicle! The large (28” long), crane-equipped Sea Patroller boat comes with a Ryder figurine, an ATV, an octopus, an anchor, and 2 lifesavers. 

The Sea Patroller is big enough to fit 2 vehicles on board, and it transitions from sea to land with drop-down wheels. Lights and sounds add to the action (3 button cell batteries are included). This gift will endear you to any Paw Patrol fan.

Colossal Art Set

Artistic kiddos will go nuts for this huge art set. Everything they could want is here: there are 315 pieces! 

From different-sized markers to erasers to paper, and it all fits inside the handy 19.5” by 20.5” case. The Colossal Art Set even has the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Score! Best for children aged 3 and older. 

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for the Builder

If there’s one thing kids like, it’s building stuff; if there’s one thing they like even more, it’s stuff that lights up. Well, say hello to Laser Pegs: tinted construction bricks that can be lit up using the included Power Base. Each kind of kit (helicopters, planes, dragsters, and so on) makes at least 4 different models, and, even better, all the bricks can be used with any other kit.

Best 6 Year Old Boy Gift for Glow-in-the-dark Fanatics

Gloves with fingers that light up! They’re gloves! With fingers! That light up! With 6 different modes and 7 different colors, your son will love testing out the different settings and light patterns. These are a great gift for any kid, but especially those boys who can’t get enough of stuff that glows in the dark.

Loaded Questions Junior Card Game

Get to know your little one better with this creative card game. 

The junior version of the bestselling Loaded Questions, 200 funny questions are included on these playing cards, which are designed for age 6 and up. In addition to the cards, an answer/score pad and 2 pencils are included. This is a great family game to get everyone talking and sharing. 

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light

Star Wars fans can light their room in a galactic glow with this unique light-up weapon from the movie. In addition to the light effects, the lightsaber features cool sounds.

But the coolest part is that the recipient of this kit can build the lightsaber themselves! Once its complete, mount the lightsaber on their wall for a villainous piece of decor. 5 AAA batteries required (not included). 

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