You Need a Food Processor, So We Found Your Perfect Match

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You Need a Food Processor, So We Found Your Perfect Match

It’s true what they say: A good food processor can completely change the game in your kitchen.

Being able to pulverize food into liquids, pastes and crumbs opens up a world of culinary possibilities that even the sharpest knife could not achieve. After you’ve made your first coconut curry or chimichurri marinade, you’ll be a full-fledged food-processing fanatic.

But how to choose from the hundreds of options on the market? There are definitely a few variables to consider. But no matter your budget, your cabinet space, or the size of your family, we’ve got the perfect food processor for you.

The Best Food Processor If You Cook For a Crowd

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is big enough to handle any hungry family or at-home dinner party. The 14 in the name comes from its 14-cup volume capacity, which makes larger cooking projects doable in a single batch. If you’ve ever attempted to make enough sauce for a lasagna in a 3-cup mini-processor, you know how tedious that can be. In addition to the normal blade, this model comes with two disc attachments—one for slicing and one for shredding. This makes prepping otherwise labor-intensive salsas and slaw a more or less instant process.

Best Food Processor For Foodie Couples

This food processor takes a lot of cues from the Breville Sous Chef at less than half the cost. Like the Sous Chef, this Cuisinart model has a respectably large work bowl and an extra wide food tube for feeding things like blocks of cheese or whole onions into the slicer blade. One noticeable difference between the two models is the motor’s power. But unless you’re trying to pulverize 5 cups of super-fibrous ginger or grind your own meat, it should do the trick.

Best Mini-Food Processor That's Also Powerful

The 250-watt motor on this 3-cup food processor won’t be splitting any atoms, but it will certainly dice an imprudent amount of garlic in seconds or turn a few cups of peanuts into dust. This model is a great option if you generally only cook for one or two people, or if you’re looking for a smaller companion to a larger food processor. The three cup volume gives you just enough space to make a marinade for a weeknight dinner. The Mini Prep Plus stores easily in crowded cabinets. The Cuisinart brand gives it an added element of reliability so you probably won’t have to buy a new one this year (again).

Best Food Processor For The Prosumer

This food processor has never met a substance it couldn’t chop. Sure, the $400 price tag is nothing to sneeze at, but this food processor is built like a tank. It has a 1200-watt motor which gives you plenty of force to crush even the toughest veggies. The Breville Sous Chef comes with four discs and three blades, which give you the precision to make anything from soups to salsas to pastry crusts. Additionally, it will hold up to 16 cups of whatever you’re making so you’ll never have to worry about making multiple batches.

Best Budget Food Processor For Cramped Cabinets

This easily-storable food processor allows for the lid and food tube to be inverted and stored in the work bowl itself, which seems like common sense but is actually not the case for most large food processors. At 500 Watts, this food processor isn’t as powerful as some of the other options on our list, but it’s great at that under $50 price point.

Best Food Processor If You’re An Iron Chef

If you’re having Gordon Ramsay and Ludo Lefebvre over to your place for dinner, you can’t be caught dead chopping the mirepoix by hand. You don’t want them to laugh at you, so you hop on the internet and grab yourself a Robot Coupe R2N commercial food processor. Now, there’s no dumping and scraping the work bowl in your kitchen. You just hook up the external ejection tool and all of your veggies fly, perfectly diced into a bowl next to your shiny new toy. You’ll probably get an insane amount of mileage out of this model, if only to get your money’s worth.

Best Mid-Range Food Processor

The coolest feature on this powerful 800-watt model is that it comes with two work bowls. One is pretty big at 11 cups and the other is a small 4-cup bowl for less volume-intensive projects. That eliminates the need for an additional miniature food processor right out of the box. Like some of the pricier options, the stainless steel base on this BLACK+DECKER model is heavy enough to stay in place during even the most stubborn chopping sessions (because there’s nothing worse than having your food processor launch itself onto the floor to die a dramatic death mid-sauce).

Best Manual Food Processor For The Camping Chef

This one is pretty handy. Get it? It’s handy because you operate this food processor by hand. Just pull on the handle and the blade inside the work bowl turns to chop whatever is inside. The Chef’n VeggiChop is the perfect food processor for when you don’t have access to electricity but crave the comforts of your kitchen—like when you’re camping, for example.

Best Lil’ Gadget for Mincing Herbs

So it’s not really a food processor in the sense that there’s no work bowl and no spinning action,  but it is pretty useful for mincing fresh herbs. This little one-hit wonder allows you to hang onto the non-slip grip while running the four stainless steel blades over herbs on your cutting board. Pro tip: this doodad also works for precisely slicing fresh, flat noodles if you so desire.

Best Budget Food Processor That Does Pretty Much Everything

This ridiculously utilitarian item is essentially two food processors and a blender with an interchangeable power pod that connects to the top of each container. If you’re single and looking for a Swiss army knife kitchen gadget for all of your chopping, processing, and blending needs, this is a wonderfully economical option.

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