The Best Fitness Trackers for Every Lifestyle

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The Best Fitness Trackers for Every Lifestyle

Everyone and their grandmother seems to be counting the number of steps that they get everyday. And getting healthier and more active as a society is, objectively speaking, an awesome direction to move in.

But there are so many fitness tracking options on the market, and each one seems to have a different specialty. So, we’ve assembled a list of the best fitness trackers and smartwatches for your specific lifestyle.

For every triathlete, Olympic swimmer and working professional who just wants a little extra motivation to move during the day, there exists a fitness tracker that will act as an important addition to the daily routine.

Keep reading to find your perfect fitness tracker.

Best Fitness Tracker That's More Like a Coach

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that will relentlessly coax you into getting the most out of your workout, the Moov is a great option. This tracker doesn’t have a native display but works with your smartphone to give you real-time training advice to optimize your running, swimming, or cycling workout. Go, go, go!

Best Fitness Tracker for Your Pocket

If you’re shopping for a fitness tracker, you’ve almost definitely already heard of the FitBit Zip. At it’s core, this little guy is a pocket pedometer that will count the number of steps you’ve taken and the distance you’ve traveled. It will also estimate the calories you’ve burned based on your activity level and some other information that you input when you register the device.

Best Fitness Tracker That Totally Doesn’t Look Like It

This display-free fitness and sleep monitor tracks similar data to that of the FitBit. It doesn’t look like a fitness tracker, especially not if you buy any of the fashion accessories (like the futuristic Y chain necklace). Connect this tracker to your phone and receive vibration alerts for incoming calls and text messages.

Best Fitness Tracker for When You’re Sleeping

This stylish watch tracks the normal stuff like steps (walking and running), distance traveled and calories burned. But shouldn’t all fitness trackers have that? One cool feature: it has a much more advanced sleep tracking mechanism that will give you some insight into your sleep cycles and whether or not you’re getting a good night’s sleep.  

Best Fitness Tracker If You Have a Lot of Friends

This fitness tracker is the souped-up FitBit model that uses PurePulse technology to track your heart rate all day long and give you a better estimate of the calories you’ve burned over the course of the day. It’s great for folks who get motivated by friends and family on FitBit’s social function.

Best Fitness Tracker for Android Devotees

As you might expect from a Samsung fitness tracker, this item syncs flawlessly with Android smartphones. You can receive and respond to phone notifications from your wrist, and connect with your phone to stream music from Spotify. The Samsung Gear Fit2 also has a standalone music player and will store your favorite songs natively, so useful if you run without your phone. Connect to Bluetooth headphones to jam to your favorite music without draining your phone battery.

Best Fitness Tracker for Music Lovers

If you’re the kind of person who wants to listen to music while you run but can’t deal with hauling your enormous smartphone around the globe with you, this is a great buy. You can easily import playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player and store them in the Spark’s onboard memory.

Best Fitness Tracker for Serious Athletes

The Garmin Vivosmart is all about accuracy. It keeps track of your strides, distance, pace, and personal records during your workout and uses satellite data to track exactly where you run or walk within inches of your actual location. It functions as an all day heart rate and activity monitor and is built to survive even the most active lifestyles. If you’re serious about getting to that next personal best, this is the fitness tracker for you.

Best Fitness Tracker to Replace Your Regular Watch

This is another fitness tracker that looks like a regular old watch, but it’s super sleek and can do a ton of things your other watch can’t do. Like operate the camera and music functions on your smartphone. It doesn’t gather too much data for improving athletic performance or tracking calories, but it does keep tabs on your general activity level and your sleep. And it’s got killer battery life. So, a great choice if you want a basic tracker disguised as a watch.  

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

The built-in swimming app on this Garmin tracker is great for tracking performance in the pool. The internal heart rate monitor is deactivated in the water, but the rest of the data you’ll get from wearing this tracker while you’re swimming your laps can help improve your technique. The water-resistant tracker and rubber wristband makes the Vivoactive HR perfectly suited for amphibious athletes.

Best Fitness Tracker for Runners

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is perfect for serious runners. This fitness tracker can act as a coach to teach you to optimize your speed. Set up a pace alert to let you know when you’re running too fast, or lagging behind your goal pace. If you’re training for an endurance race or chasing a new personal best, this is exactly the fitness tracker you need.

Best Luxury Fitness Tracker Watch for Men

this smartwatch is made by luxury watchmaker Frederique Constant, and it connects with Android phones to track basic fitness activity like steps, sleep and heart rate. It mimics the appearance of an analog watch, but it’s actually electric and water resistant up to 50 meters—not that you’d want to take this super luxe timepiece with a leather wrist strap into the swimming pool with you.

Best Fitness Tracker for Apple Fans

The Apple Watch is an utterly-capable fitness tracker with all the connectivity and versatility of the Apple universe, which is obviously a huge draw for anyone who is already heavily invested in all the iThings. Download apps in the App Store to track your favorite workout, measure your heartbeat without purchasing a third-party heart rate monitor, and get notifications from your phone right on your wrist. The second generation Apple Watches are even water resistant, so you can wear them in the pool.

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