The Best Dog Purses for Every Outing

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The Best Dog Purses for Every Outing

Pet parents know—being able to take your fur baby with you when you’re out on the town is a fantastic feeling. However, your typical pet carrier isn’t what most would consider “fashion-forward.” 

Thankfully, this is a solvable problem. There are a plethora of pet purses and carry bags that make it easy for dog moms (and dads!) to bring Fido or Spot with them when out grabbing a coffee, shopping, or even heading out for a fancy dinner. 


This attention-grabbing white-and-purple purse is perfect for everyday jaunts with little Rufus. The quilted exterior is easy to clean and the four hard studs on the bottom of the bag keep it off the ground, ensuring you can keep it in tip-top shape. The MG Collection Pet Carrier also has two large velcro-secured pockets for storing essentials—like delicious doggie treats!

MG Collection Dog Purse

The Petparty Fashion Dog Carrier is as good as gold when you and Toto are looking to make a shining impression! And this bag isn’t just fashionable; it’s extremely functional. The inside pads can be removed for easy washing and a number of pockets allow you to stash anything you need within easy reach.

Petparty Fashion Dog Purse

Lands’ End totes have somewhat of a cult following. They’re sturdy, colorful, and super easy to carry around. And now there is one for dogs. The Lands’End Canvas Tote Pet Carrier gives Fido a comfy place to hang out when tagging along on a casual day out. This pet carrier can hold dogs that are up to 11 inches tall and weigh up to 20 pounds. And it can be personalized with your pup’s name!

Lands’ End Canvas Tote Pet Carrier

Now we’re getting fancy! The WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier features a large bow and is available in any color you’d like—so long as that color is black. Ideal for checking out all the downtown boutiques with your little Fluffles, the WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier is lightweight for easy carrying. The bag has breathable mesh on one side, ensuring any occupants are cool and comfortable.

WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier

Some dogs are great co-pilots. They’re fully engaged and always keep a weather eye on the horizon. The Roxy Classic Pet Carrier is not for those dogs. It is equipped for comfort, including a head pillow and removable, washable faux fur bedding. Luckily, you’ll look fabulous as you lug that comfy little freeloader around with you!

Roxy Classic Dog Purse by Petote

A great carrier for tattoo-loving dog moms, the Pony Express Dog Carrier in Puppy Love is made from soft faux suede and sheepskin, making it a cozy place for your pooch when you’re out and about. The bag’s adjustable shoulder strap allows the wearer to optimize comfort for longer outings.

Puppy Love Pony Express Dog Purse

Oh what whimsy! This Home Away from Home carrier is fantastic for those who want to add some fun to their ensemble. Featuring a brilliant blue sky, white picket fence, red accents in the zipper and bag handlers, and a warning to “Beware of Dog,” this carrier will really pop!

Pampered Puppy - Home Away from Home Dog Purse

The Fabric Metro 2 dog purse from Petote is the perfect low-key dog purse for the fashion conscious. Made from khaki fabric with black accents and straps, the purse looks like any old bag—until Spot pops his head up! The bag has spacious pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap, making it the perfect everyday dog tote.

Petote Metro 2 Dog Purse

The Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag has the appearance of a high-end designer bag. But this purse is also the ideal carrier for a discerning dog—cargo much more precious than your AMEX. Use this bag when you’re meeting the girls for a drink but want to be sure that Gigi can come along for the ride.

Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag Dog Purse

Now here’s a bag you can match to any outfit. The Katie Bag is available in six colors and is made from soft, pebbled leather. With hints of a Birkin, this designer bag is vented at both ends and is able to be zipped up to ensure your pup is safe and comfortable as she travels around in style. Made for smaller doggies, this purse is ideal for people with pets weighing less than 7 pounds.

Katie Designer Dog Bag

The Pegasus Travel Bag is only for the most chic pet parents. Made from genuine leather, this bag’s eye-popping color draws attention in the best possible way. The bag’s interior is made from breathable, antibacterial, waterproof fabric to optimize its longevity and ensure you and your doggie will be known as fashionistas around your neighborhood for years to come.

Moshiqa Pegasus Travel Bag Dog Purse