The Best Dog and Cat Carriers for Any Type of Travel

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The Best Dog and Cat Carriers for Any Type of Travel

Pet owners live to dote on their furry babies. Toys, treats, pet food that costs more than people food; you name it, we’ve done it. However, many pets—due to either their size, age, or just by virtue of who they are (*cough* cats *cough*)—aren’t particularly portable. So what’s a pet owner to do when she needs her little fuzzy one to join her on an outing? Find the right carrier! 

Regardless of whether you’re out grabbing a coffee, going on a hike, or flying cross-country, there’ll be a carrier on this list that fits your needs.

Best Airline Carry-On Pet Carrier

You’re leaving on a jet plane, and you need to be sure Mittens is right there with you! Mr. Peanut’s Airline-Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carrier is perfect for airline travel with cats and small dogs up to 14 pounds. Designed for both comfort and security, the bag has large mesh windows on the top and sides, and features a lockable zipper to prevent escape.

Best Pet Sling
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Picture this: You’re on your way out to grab a coffee. As you shut the door behind you, to take one more look and see a forlorn Rover sadly watching you go, obviously yearning to join you on this great adventure. But how can you carry your coffee and dog at the same time?

Look no further! The Alfie Pet Sling is a reversible, durable, and, most important, adjustable sling for schlepping your puppy along when you have to step out. The adjustability ensures that pet owners are able to wear the sling in the way that is most comfortable for them and their dogs. The sling itself is made of denim—which looks good with pretty much any outfit—and has a comfy cotton lining. It can hold up to 12 pounds and is equipped with a safety collar hold to prevent escape. It’s also machine-washable, so spills and dirt are easily remedied. 

Best Pet Carrier for a Stylish Run to the Market

The Fabric Metro carrier from Petote is the perfect low-key dog purse for the fashion conscious. Made from khaki fabric with black accents and straps, the purse looks like any old bag—until Spot pops his head up! The bag has spacious pockets and comfortable shoulder straps, making it the perfect everyday dog tote.

Best Front Carrier for your Pet

Some pet owners play it coy when out and about with their fur babies, toting them around in subtle carriers disguised as purses. The Cosmos Legs Out Front Carrier Bag is not for those owners. For those of us who want to wear our pets right on our chests, this carrier has four leg holes and a tail hole so Tinkerbell can sit comfortably and get lots of pets.

Best Pet Stroller

They see me rollin’… with my little Snoopy! The OxGord Pet Stroller is ideal for pets that love the great outdoors, but for whatever reason cannot be left to their own devices once they leave the house. Equally useful for elderly doggies that want to watch the squirrels but cannot chase them and cats that would eat those same squirrels in a heartbeat.

Best Rolling Backpack Pet Carrier

This dog (or cat) is on a roll! The OxGord Rolling Backpack Pet Carrier is the best of both worlds. The wheels make it easily to take on long-distance excursions, and when the terrain gets rough, just pick it up and put it on your back! The included pet-tether also lets owners open up the bag to allow passersby to give Fluffy a scratch behind the ears without risking escape.

Best Pet Carrier for Fashionistas

Looking to carry Toto around in style? The Henri Bendel Luxury Pet Carrier is WAY more fashionable than that picnic basket in The Wizard of Oz. For fashionistas looking to make a statement that extends to their pup, this black leather back with gold zippers and bone accent does the trick.

Best Pet Carrier Backpack

It's time to go! Grab the Petsfit Comfort Backpack, pop in Fido, and we'll on our way. This backpack carrier has padded straps and accommodates pets that weigh up to 15 pounds. Great option for people who want to take their pets for hikes, long walks, or bike rides without worrying if they'll be able to keep up.

Best Pet Carrier for Escape Artists

The future is now! The U-pet Bubble Carrier looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie. Actually, it’s just a perfect carrier for your cat, dog, rabbit, really any pet. Super secure with a semi-sphere window that gives occupants a spectacular view, it’s also great for pets that have proven to be escape artists in other modes of transportation.

Best Hard Cover Pet Carrier

Sometimes, a pet needs a more rugged means of transportation than a purse. The Pet Magasin Collapsible Hard Cover Pet Carrier has a hard top and hard base for sturdy protection when traveling. The carrier is superior to other hard cover options because it’s foldable! It zips into a flat disc so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space when not in use.

Best Pet Carrier for Fashionistas Looking to Splurge

The ultimate in luxury fashion dog carriers, the Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 40 sports the fashion house’s signature brown and gold monogram pattern. The carrier is made from a scratch- and water-resistant canvas and is equipped with a mesh window and zip-around closure, so your puppy always has a primo view of his surroundings.

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