Best Coffee Makers for Every Type of Coffee Lover

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Best Coffee Makers for Every Type of Coffee Lover

Maybe you’re into old-school drip or espresso. Or maybe you’re a pod person. Or do you need a whole carafe, or what about a grab-n-go travel mug? Or maybe you’d rather drink tea.

There are a million ways to make a cuppa joe, and lucky for you, we found the best coffee maker for whatever your caffeinated lifestyle. Here are our picks for the perfect machine for you, no matter what kind of coffee drinker you are.  

Best Coffee Maker for Rush-hour Commuters

This straight-forward, personal coffee maker brews fresh, hot coffee directly into a 15-ounce travel mug. It’s one cuppa joe to go—and then you’re gone. You’ll head out the door safe in the knowledge that the stainless-steel mug is sized to fit snugly into most cars’ cupholders. Something else that’ll give you peace of mind: The DCM18S features a built-in permanent filter (goodbye, paper doilies!) that needs only to be rinsed to clean.

Best Drip Coffee Maker For The Taste Purist

Among the coffee makers we surveyed, this Bonavita thermal-carafe, stainless-steel model produces the best-tasting coffee for a drip machine. Design elements go a long way in producing that result: The filter’s wide, showerhead design, for instance, ensures  an even distribution of the water to the coffee grounds. The machine has been noted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America in its Certified Home Brewer Program.

Best Espresso Maker on a Budget

You don’t need to spend big bucks to treat yourself to a decent cup of espresso. In fact, you can have two cups of decent espresso--at once--using this machine’s dual-shot filter and brewing system. The machine also boasts barista-level speeds for both heating and brewing, a drip-catching tray and frothing arm (just like the pros get) and a one-touch option to keep brewing simple. And if you spend a month using this and skipping Starbucks, this machine will essentially pay for itself.

Best Premium Espresso Maker for Your Inner Barista

This 23-pound, stainless-steel beast will have you producing espresso like a pro, though it’s built for beginners, too. If you live for a luxurious, perfect, barista-style cup of espresso, this might be worth the splurge. You’re going to get a lot for that $600. Filters make the difference: Dual-wall filters take the hassle out of issues such as pressurization and extraction; the single-wall filter option allows the more experienced espresso-maker to control those factors and tailor the taste. Either way, this indulgent Breville machine promises you’ll go from beans to brew “in under a minute.” (A built-in grinder makes that so.) It’s the perfect high-end addition to your high-end kitchen.

Best Cold-brew Coffee Maker

This top-selling cold-brew machine produces a concentrated coffee that’s smooth and worth the overnight wait (while it brews, natch). Its black-gold goodness can be served over ice with creamer, or made piping hot with boiling water. One batch can produce up to 1 quart of concentrate, which can translate into 8-12 cups of coffee depending on how strong you need your morning jolt. The concentrate can be stored and kept fresh in its airtight container in your refrigerator (where it should fit nicely in the door) for up to two weeks.

Best Personal Coffee Press

Give this total-immersion brewer just a little time (like, about a minute), and you’ll give yourself hand-pressed, artisanal coffee, espresso, double espresso or Americano directly to your own cup or mug. The Aeropress’ secret is its ability to regulate and optimize air pressure and water temperature. In all, this is the best manual coffee maker we found.

Best Coffee Maker for Forgetful People

The two-hour automatic shutoff feature is what hooked us on this carafe-style drip brewer that gets the job done, whether you’re in the mood for one cup or require 12. The Hamilton Beach comes complete with a  programmable clock and timer to help ensure a well-caffeinated morning. It’s as easy to use as it is to clean and maintain, and is as classically designed as they come.

Best Family-style Premium Coffee Maker

This large-capacity, glass-carafe brewer is a classic drip machine with a safety-friendly design (think automatic shut-off, sturdy construction and BPA-free materials). Its ability to regulate the strength of your brew, and its knack for keeping your coffee as hot as you can take it without losing any of the grounds’ flavor, are two of the high-tech perks that keep the Cuisinart from feeling stodgy. It comes complete with a permanent, gold-tone filter and 24-hour programming capability. The whole package, really, in a solid-looking package. 

Best Small Keurig Coffee Maker

OK, so, you’re the pod-curious type. Maybe you’ve sampled the wares of this American-made manufacturer, but you’re not yet ready to go full-on pod. Perfect. Then this compact, personal brew machine—one of Keurig’s smallest—is for you. Add water, insert your single-serve K-Cup (not included), press the brew button, position your cup and you’re on your way to up to 10 ounces of fresh, quality java (or cocoa, tea or iced beverage).

Best Coffee Maker for Keurig Power Users

In a way, this top-of-the-line, luxury-sized machine isn’t just for big-time Keurig fans, it’s for big-time beverage omnivores. With it, you can brew a variety of drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.) in a variety of sizes (from 4 ounces to 30 ounces) in five different temperatures. You can control brew strength; you can control beverage temperature  About the only thing you can’t do is use a non-Keurig pod.

Best Coffee Maker That Does EVERYTHING

This SharkNinja standout is basically a full-service coffee bar in one compact, 15-pound machine. It can do hot beverage. It can do cold beverages. It can make you a cup, it can make you a carafe. Just scoop in your coffee grounds, pour in your water and set your six-variety, brew dial (from cup to “full”). The handiest tool in this set-up might be the built-in milk frother; the better for your lattes.

Best Capsule Espresso Maker for the Budget-minded

This programmable capsule espresso brewer comes complete with an Aeroccino Plus hot- and cold-milk frother. Purchased separately, the set would run you nearly $250. The Silver Bundle also saves you money in the electric-bill department: The espresso maker shuts off after just nine minutes of non-use. One thing to consider: This machine is not compatible with Nespresso’s VertuoLine capsules; only the Original Line ones will  do. No worries if you’re just starting out, this package includes 16 sample capsules.

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