Best Coffee Grinders for All Budgets and Skill Levels

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Best Coffee Grinders for All Budgets and Skill Levels

On this fact, you’re sold: Awesome coffee grind = awesome coffee taste.

What you’re not sold on is which coffee grinder to buy: Burr grinder or blade grinder? Manual or automatic? And what about your budget: Are you on a tight budget, or are you able to drop a few large bills in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee?

We’ve scouted the best coffee grinders on the market, and we’ve come up with nine recommendations, each one tailored to a specific coffee-grinding need. So start reading—and start choosing: 

Best Burr Coffee Hand-Grinder That’s Also a Bargain

The Best Burr Hand-Grinder That’s Also a Bargain

Our pick: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

This slim, stainless-steel grinder weighs less than 10 ounces, and works anywhere you go—home, office, the beach, wherever. That’s because, one, you’re supplying the power (no electrical outlet needed), and, two, you’re not making a racket (no ear-splitting buzz-saw noise). Opt for 18 coarseness selections, including Turkish, cold brew and French press, with the help of durable, easy-to-clean ceramic burrs. Grinds up enough beans per session to make two to three cups of fresh coffee. 


Best Blade Coffee Grinder for Price and Versatility

Best Blade Coffee Grinder for Price and Versatility

This one-pound, plugged-in powerhouse uses a 200-watt motor and a stainless steel power blade to grind coffee beans or spices or herbs or nuts or... well, as we said: It’s versatile. The blade is oval-shaped, allowing for a uniform grind. The grinding starts when the lid is snapped in place. The unit allows you to grind up to three ounces of beans at a time, enough for up to 12 cups of coffee. All in all, this is the grinder you’ll want if you’re having company (and you need to reserve some of your funds to buy food, too).  

Best Premium Burr Coffee Hand-Grinder That’s Also a Steal

This 1.2-pound manual grinder from Japan’s Hario is billed as a barista favorite. It’s a portable, large-capacity grinder that can handle roughly 3.5 ounces (or 100 grams) of beans, enough for 12 cups of coffee. Adjustable grind settings and the ceramic burr allow you to tailor those cups to your precise taste. The conical burr is ceramic and dishwasher-safe. The container is glass, befitting the Hario name, which means “king of glass” in Japanese.

Best No-Mess Burr Grinder for the Beginner

No fuss, no muss with this grinder: Everything about it is pure power and ease. This 4.6-pound, push-button machine gives you 14 different grind options, and pre-set, automatic grind times. The conical burrs are your friends, too—made of stainless steel they help ensure the most precise of grinds. The glass receiving container is designed to resist static, so your coffee grounds are yours for the taking (and not stuck to the sides).  


The Best Burr Grinder in Its Price Category

The Best Burr Grinder in Its Price Category

Though billed by Baratza as an entry-level grinder, this has a lot of advanced features, especially for a machine that’ll run you less than $150. There are 40 different grind settings and a variety of grind speeds—rev it all the way up to 495 rpm or dial it down to 405. The lower speeds not only produce less noise, but cooler beans. A pulse button allows you optimal control of the grind and grind time.  

Best Burr Grinder for the Control Freak

If this Breville model could talk it would ask how you like your coffee, and request that you please be very precise. That’s because this Breville model is built to deliver 60 different grinds, from the coarsest to the finest and virtually every grade in between. The 6.4-pound machine is also exacting on grind time thanks to digital controls. The stainless-steel burrs are adjustable, effectively giving you even more grind variations. Grind into one of two containers, depending on your taste, natch. 


The Best Super Precise Coffee Burr Grinder

The Best Super Precise Coffee Burr Grinder

Everything about this 8.6-pound machine is top of the line. It is so precise and exacting that it grinds your beans down to the micron—from 200 to 1,200, it's your call. The 40mm conical burrs are also at your command, and can grind at speeds up to 500 rpm. You have the choice of 40 grind settings, and the option of grinding via pulse button or automatic timer. This model was redesigned in 2012 to reduce motor noise via thermo-plastic drive gear.


Best Coffee Grinder Splurge

Best Coffee Grinder Splurge

This top-of-the-line, pro-grade machine weighs more than 12 pounds, but it's easily stored and worth its weight. Speaking of weight: This machine actually takes into account the weight of your beans, and adjusts the grind accordingly, all in the name of the most precise grind possible. Durability is another plus: Baratza says its 54mm ceramic burrs will stay sharp "twice as long as the best steel burrs." 

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