Grill Gauge Propane Tank Scale Review

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Grill Gauge Propane Tank Scale Review
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So you've got the hamburgers. You've got the hotdogs. You've got the potato salad. Are you missing anything? What about propane? As the summer really ramps up and you start thinking about hosting a cookout, be sure you have everything you need before sending out the invite.

But you definitely don't remember how full your propane tank was when you put away the grill for the winter last year. That's where the Original Grill Gauge comes in. This nifty little, battery-free gadget hooks onto the handle of your propane tank, you lift it up, and it tells you how much propane is left.

The Original Grill Gauge was built for accuracy, measuring your tank by weight. It's also very easy to use. Once you lift the tank, the Gauge's auto-check indicator retains its reading even after you put the tank down. This means you don't have to hold the tank and try to read the gauge at the same time!

In our experience, the Gauge works best when you raise the tank slowly and smoothly. Jerking the device and the tank just leads to inaccurate readings.

Recommended by America's Test Kitchen, Clark Howard, and The Today Show, The Original Grill Gauge works with both 20-pound and 15-pound propane tanks.
olivia geyelin

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