The Best Travel Kettle

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The Best Travel Kettle

Imagine you’re traveling for work. You wind up in a little hotel room that doesn’t even have a coffee pot. How on earth are you going to get your morning cup of tea?

What you need is a travel electric kettle that takes up minimal space in your suitcase. Boy have we got the one for you. Gormia’s Travel Foldable Electric Kettle collapses to take up the minimum amount of space while giving you the power to boil water anytime, anywhere.

Very powerful, the Gormia Kettle boils water faster than a microwave—in as little as five minutes. It also has boil dry protection that saves energy and prevents kettle damage by shutting off automatically when it senses that there is no more water left.

Not just for travel, this kettle is also ideal for people living in tight spaces who need something small and unobtrusive to meet their water boiling needs.

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