Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker Review

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Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker Review

Using iTea Boil-to-Brew technology, the Gourmia GTC8000 can brew up to four perfect cups of tea at a time. It’s fully automated, which means you don’t have to babysit tea as it steeps, and it tastes exactly the way it should.

Users can choose from four different settings: Refresh allows you to prep and hydrate tea before brewing, and light, medium, and strong settings allow you to cater the strength of every tea you brew to your specific tastes.

The GTC8000’s glass and stainless steel brew chamber and glass carafe ensure your brewing system doesn’t impact the taste of your tea, and it looks awesome. The carafe also acts as the device’s safety mechanism. It will only operate if the carafe is in place, so there is no danger of accidentally leaving it on after your tea is ready.

Our readers should note that the Gourmia lacks the delayed start programmability of some of the other tea makers on this list, so if you want something that will brew your tea before you even wake up in the morning, this one isn’t the tea maker you’re looking for.

We also want to mention that the  main issue that reviewers seem to have with the Gourmia is that it is smaller than many of the other tea brewers on the market. Its well capacity is about 32 oz of water. A typical mug holds between 12 oz and 16 oz. So if you’re going to be hosting a lot of tea parties, you probably should pursue a different option.

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