Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Review

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Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Review
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Strainers and colanders are useful kitchen tools, but no one enjoys cleaning them or how much real estate they take. The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot takes these bulky tools out of the equation with its strainer lid that locks into place.

You may have heard of locking strainer lids before, but you always have to twist the lid to lock it. Twisting lids with special ridges this way can be cumbersome, and it can be hard to see that it's in a fully locked position. At best, this lack of a visual cue can be annoying if you don't remember how you left the lid. At worst, the lid could partially or completely fall off when you go to strain your food.

The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot uses bright, orange locks that swivel from the handles to top of the lid. The handles stayed cool to the touch when we cooked pasta, farro, and boiled eggs. This made it easy to just use our hands to turn the locks on and off the lid. The lid itself has large holes on side and small holes on the other to keep everything from peas to potatoes inside the five quart pot.

In addition to the locking feature, non-stick properties and scratch resistance add to the pot's versatility. If you're the kind of person who uses silverware to stir food in pots and pans, we'll judge you, but this pot won't.

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