Gobble Meal Delivery Service Review

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Gobble Meal Delivery Service Review
Brandy Yowell

This is the best food subscription for those who are short on time.

Gone are the days where you could justify a greasy spin through the drive-thru or a visit from your favorite pizza delivery guy with saying that you don’t have time for a homemade meal. There’s no chopping or measuring, just fresh ingredients and clear, three-step instructions ready for you to create a wholesome, hearty meal.

No time to clean up, you say? Nope, not going to fly with Gobble. If cooking couldn’t get any easier, meals are designed for one-pan cooking, so clean-up time is reduced as well. Boom.

Meals range from 500 to 700 calories, so they’re a much healthier option than your typical fast-food jaunt. For those days you’re stuck at the office, or have an unexpected after-game pizza party with the kids, all meals store in your fridge for five days, or in your freezer for two months.