The Best Gifts For 5-Year-Old Boys

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The Best Gifts For 5-Year-Old Boys

Five-year-old boys are energetic, imaginative, and looking for fun. It's a time of physical development and happiness. If you're looking for a present for a five-year-old, check out our guide.

We've sought out the most dynamic gift options for little dudes, from an energy-zapping trampoline to a snuggly robotic puppy, to a custom plush made from his original artwork. You're sure to find the perfect gift from among these imaginative items!

Best For The Puppy Pal

This little robot pup is perfect for the boy who loves dogs. 

Snuggles "breathes," makes realistic noises, opens and closes its eyes, and "falls asleep" when you feed it. Bottle, adoption certificate, and 4AA batteries are included. Maybe now he'll stop asking for a real puppy? (It's worth a shot!)

Best For Shark Week Aficionados

Do you have a little ocean explorer? Pick up this plastic shark and whale play set and let the aquatic adventures begin. 

The toy shark and whale feature mechanical action, and it includes a diver figurine and accessories.


Star Wars Lightsaber

Star Wars Lightsaber

Light up the galaxy with Yoda's lightsaber. Exciting lights and sounds make for a satisfying battle against evil. 

Kylo Ren and Darth Vader's lightsabers are also available. 3AAA batteries not included. Also includes a connector for other BladeBuilders toys.


Best For The Little Grill Master

Best For The Little Grill Master

If he likes pretend cooking, this barbecue play set is a great addition to the play kitchen or play house. 

All the plastic food needed to host a great imaginary grill-out. Hot dogs, hamburgers, tongs, buns... even napkins!


Hasbro Pie Face Showdown Game

Hasbro Pie Face Showdown Game

The player who doesn't get "creamed" wins in this popular game.

The throwing arm could launch whipped cream at any moment! Make family game nights even sweeter with Pie Face.


Moana Figurines

Moana Figurines

Maui's magical fish hook isn't the only fun accessory in this Moana tie-in play set.

Kids can reenact awesome ocean exploits with Moana, Maui, Pua, and Hei Hei, plus removable outfits, oar, and of course, the fish hook. If he loves the movie, this is a solid choice.


Budsies Custom Stuffed Toy

Budsies Custom Stuffed Toy

Create a stuffed toy from your child's drawing!

This amazing company will make a custom toy from the masterpiece you send in. So cool. This unique gift will thrill the artistic kiddo in your life.


Zuru Bunch O Balloons

Zuru Bunch O Balloons

This ZURU outdoor toy is genius. Hook up the nozzle to the hose and watch whole bunches of water balloons fill up at once.

Over 100 balloons fill in just 60 seconds (each pack comes with three bunches of 35 balloons). When they're full they pop off and kids can start lobbing watery bombs immediately!


Kurio Watch 2.0

Kurio Watch 2.0

This is a real smartwatch for little kids!

It features 128MB internal memory, a card slot for extra memory, USB cable, rechargeable battery, camera & video, alarm, activity tracker, games & apps, Bluetooth technology, emergency contact info, and more. The Kurio Smart Watch is sure to wow the tech-savvy guy in your life. Available in purple or blue (each comes with an additional color change band).


Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

What little kid doesn't like bubbles?

He'll be entertained by the flurry of bubbles pumped out by this battery-operated toy - it makes 500 bubbles per minute! A perfect birthday party or picnic addition. 6AA batteries required.

PJ Masks Rocket

A preschool favorite, the PBS show "PJ Masks" features Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy, three child superheroes who save the world at night. The latest surefire hit toy is the Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket from Just Play. Just like the new rocket on the series, this one features cool lights and sounds (just push the button near the handle). 

The cockpit fits all three heroes, and Gekko's Space Rover motorcycle (included) fits in the storage area below. The Super Moon Rocket is best for ages 3 and up, and two AAA batteries are included. 

Best For Garbage Man Fans - Premium Edition

Bruder is known for their realistic, quality toy trucks, and their garbage truck is no exception. The engine hood even opens so kids can check out the tiny parts!

The garbage cans can be opened, and the truck has a real working press. It's a splurge, but if your little guy loves toy trucks (or real garbage trucks), he'll be into this gift.


Playmobil Garbage Truck

Playmobil Garbage Truck

In the birthday gift price range, pick up the Playmobil Green Recycling Truck.

It's a great value for all the fun features in this 27-piece set. Includes two figures, truck that can lift and empty cans, cans, and recyclables. Best for ages 4-10.


Best For Builders

Best For Builders

These wooden blocks are a great STEM option; they stimulate creative play. Kids can build structures like car garages, cabins, or garages with the natural, notched blocks.

A variety of sets are available, but the Starter Set is the perfect introduction.

Robo Alive Snake

The new Robo Alive snake is creepy, realistic fun! Watch it slither, flick its tongue, and stare menacingly.

Kids go wild for the robotic pet trend, and Zuru's new reptiles are great additions -- a lizard is also available! For ages 3+, the robo snake requires 2AA batteries (not included).


Best For Energetic Dudes

Best For Energetic Dudes

Got a little ball of energy? 

Let him bounce the day away on this 12 foot splurge from Skywalker Trampolines. The enclosure keeps little ones safe, and rust-resistant springs provide a great bounce. A great gift to encourage outdoor play and exercise.

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