The Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

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The Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

Amphibious athletes, this one is for you. This waterproof tracker (with an equally waterproof band) can provide you with all of the swimming metrics you need to improve your pool technique. It will also let you keep your phone far away from pool splashes with text, email, and social media alerts on the large, sunshine-friendly color touchscreen.

Track stroke types, pool lengths, pace, and even strokes-per-minute in the water and loads more in your on-land workouts.The portrait-mode orientation of the screen makes for a comfortable fit even during any exercise that involves your wrist. Like many of the trackers that Garmin makes, the Vivoactive HR will monitor your progress against activity goals set both by you and by the American Heart Association.

The battery life is pretty great for a fitness tracker this robust, running up to eight days on just one charge. Garmin also makes an Extra Large fit for people with bigger wrists.

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