The Best Fitness Tracker for Runners

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The Best Fitness Tracker for Runners

If you’re training for just about any kind of foot race, we just found your new fitness tracker. In addition to automatically monitoring your heart rate and sleep, this watch-shaped fitness tracker can help you optimize your running to achieve all of your goals.

This tracker shares a crazy-useful stream of data and encouragement, and right in the moment when it matters the most: Set the Forerunner to give you audio prompts on your laps, run and lap times when running on a track, or get high and low pace alerts to optimize your run for endurance racing.

Download advanced workout apps and training plans to this fitness tracker to get extra granular about your challenging runs. The Forerunner is water resistant up to about 50 meters, but it doesn’t currently have the ability to track specific swimming workouts beyond the uptick in your activity level.

In watch mode, the battery can last for up to 12 weeks, but you’ll have to charge it after around 12 hours in training mode, which is still pretty impressive.

  If you have a few minutes, read the thorough review of the Garmin Forerunner 235 by our friends at CNET.

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