The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Pocket

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The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Pocket

This is our pick for the best fitness tracker to stick in your pocket.

Nothing fancy here— just a brightly-colored pocket pedometer that will count the number of times your feet hit the ground starting every day at midnight. The FitBit Zip will also estimate the number of calories you’ve burned each day based on your activity level and other factors associated with your profile (gender, age, height, and weight). It syncs automatically with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, so you never have to worry about plugging it in to access your data.

This simple fitness tracker will allow you to compete with friends and colleagues to take the most steps during the day through the FitBit app. This tracker is great for people looking to get out of their office chair and work a little extra mobility into their day, but if you’re looking for a few more data points or exercise guidance, we recommend going with something a little more robust.

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