The Best Snack Box for Athletes (also known as Snackletes)

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The Best Snack Box for Athletes (also known as Snackletes)

When you're done hitting the gym or finishing up after a particularly high-octane yoga or spin class, you need snacks that will help you refuel without bogging you down. Fit Snack's subscription boxes come with seven to 10 delicious and healthy snacks, workouts, and fun little bonuses. 

Every Fit Snack box is different and contains a mix of sample and full size treats. Past boxes have included shake mixes, protein cookies, healthy veggie chips, organic pancake mix, and raw nuts. Included with each box is a guide to its contents, as well as a monthly Fit Snack workout complete with free music downloads. Depending on your subscription, your Fit Snack box may also include bonus items such as healthy oils and nut butters, nutritional supplements, beverages, and energy boost gummies. 

This box is ideal for active snackers who want to eat healthfully and add some fun variation to their daily workout routines.

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