Fingerlings Mackenzie Light Up Unicorn Review

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Fingerlings Mackenzie Light Up Unicorn Review

Fingerlings have been a hot toy since their launch in 2017. If you tried to find one over the holidays you know how popular these little interactive animals are!

But the brand of merry monkeys (and unicorns) has an exciting release: a brand new glittery unicorn. And this Mackenzie model is the first to feature a light-up horn, making her extra special to kids who collect.

Turn on a Fingerlings (most of these little toys are monkeys) and it will respond to motion, sound, and touch. They blink their eyes, move their heads, and make chirping noises while perching on your finger. They can even respond to each other.

But this new baby unicorn sports a light-up element; Mackenzie's horn changes colors. In addition to the hyped rainbow horn, she has lavender hooves, rainbow hair, and glittery accents. So appealing to kiddos!

Different interactions will produce realistic reactions from your Fingerling. Hold her upside down, rock her to sleep in your hands, pet her, or blow a kiss. You'll get a kiss back!

It's no wonder Fingerlings are such a hit; unicorns are super trendy, and WowWee has added glitter and lights to the equation. The new Fingerling addition is trendy, fun, and convenient to buy (it's an Amazon Prime exclusive until Sept. 1, 2018). Mackenzie the unicorn includes batteries, and Fingerlings are best for ages 5 and up.

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