Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $60

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $60

Let's face it, coming up with a gift for Father's Day is hard. You know you need to get them something, but they say things like "I don't need anything" or "don't make a big deal of it."

So we've come up with a list of 22 gifts for this Father's Day that are thoughtful, practical and don't break the bank. Because what better combination is there? 

Best Gift For the Person Who Wishes They Had an Electronic Valet

Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart-home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more.

 It can hear you from across the room with seven far-field microphones for hands-free control, even in noisy environments or while playing music. Use Echo to tell your computer to play your favorite tunes, order a pizza, call Uber, whatever your heart desires.


Best Gift For the Guy Who Knows When to Hold ’Em

Best Gift For the Guy Who Knows When to Hold ’Em

Kem Playing Cards bill themselves as “the finest playing cards in the world,” “preferred by industry professionals.”  

Their Arrow Red and Blue, Poker Size-Jumbo Index Playing Card Set consists of one red and one blue deck made of a unique blend of paper and plastic that provides superior flexibility and strength for long-lasting use. The cards are scuff- and break-resistant and come in a hard black plastic box. 


Best Gift for the Relentlessly Curious Techie

Best Gift for the Relentlessly Curious Techie

If you’ve run out of cool gadgets for your phone or computer, what about a digital endoscope? Pontensic’s Endoscope Borescope/Waterproof Camera plugs into your phone or computer and lets you visualize hard-to-reach places, such as inside vent pipes or car engines, with a tiny, waterproof camera and six adjustable LED lights. 

You can capture clear snapshots in high resolution, or shoot videos, and save them to your computer. The camera is on the end of a 16.4-foot cable that can both bend and hold its shape to access a wide variety of confined places. It also works as a digital microscope. (Note: Not iPhone compatible; do not use as actual endoscope.)


Best Gift for the Traveling Man

Best Gift for the Traveling Man

This rugged twill travel tray by Filson holds keys and coins in its water- and tear-resistant cotton fabric. 

The edges are bound with saddle-grade leather. It snaps flat into a 9-inch diameter circle. Comes in several color options, including basic black, orange/tan and “otter green.”

Best Gift For the Dad Who’s Always on the Move

For dads on the go,The Mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat is 10 times smaller than a traditional booster seat but just as safe (and meets or exceeds National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards). 

This compact, portable booster seat is designed for kids age 4 and up, 40 to 100 pounds, and 40 to 57 inches tall. It folds up to fit into a backpack, glove compartment or tote. Bye bye bulky booster during travel! 

Bellroy 3 Card Phone Case Review

Crafted from environmentally certified leather and strengthening polymer with a soft microfiber lining and chamfered edges, this case allows access to your cards from both ends while protecting your phone. Release your card  (holds up to three) with the swipe of a thumb and tuck a bill or two behind the case. Comes in six color choices, including a cool color combo (Caramel/Charcoal).

Best Gift for the Office Suit

These adjustable collar stays by Cleverfit keep your collar from curling up or drooping down for a crisp edge. 

With eight "quick click" sizing options, these stays were engineered to accurately fit all men's traditional collared dress shirts: business, casual and formal. Four adjustable, stainless steel stays are packaged in an ergonomic travel case.

Best Espresso Machine for Tiny Kitchens

Don't have room for another huge appliance? No problem. This sleek, compact machine makes quality espresso anywhere. This lightweight and portable espresso maker is so simple you can do it at your desk at work. Add your ground coffee, hot water, then unlock the piston and pump. Voilà! You're sipping shots before you know it. 

Want to make it even simpler? They have a model that uses Nespresso capsules, making it more convenient to get your shot!

The Guide's Choice for the Best Travel Umbrella

The Blunt umbrella is a strong umbrella with no sharp points. It has a tight canopy, which creates a strong aerodynamic structure. It can handle very strong winds (tested to 55 mph,) yet is easy to open and close.  That distinctive sihouette will definitely get attention. At 14 inches long closed and .8 pounds and $60, it’s our choice for the best travel umbrella. 


Best Beer Brewing Kit for a Budget

Best Beer Brewing Kit for a Budget

Thinking about making your own beer, but not sure you’re ready to commit to one of the more expensive home-brewing set ups? 

Check out the Mr. Beer Premium Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit. At a reasonable price point, amateur brewers can make all types of beer, including ales, blondes, pilsners, IPAs, and stouts.


Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget

Best Wired Sports Headphones For Any Budget

Best Gift For the Vino Aficionado

Best Gift For the Vino Aficionado

The Vintorio aerator is the perfect gift for the oenophile in your life. It fits directly and snuggly onto any size wine bottle, so no need to transfer wine into a separate aerator. It contains a large aerating chamber and air intake system to infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen to improve the taste. 

The rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal, and the acrylic pour spout is notched and ergonomically slanted for easy drip-less pouring. The aerator can be disassembled and run under water for effortless cleaning. (Of course, it makes chugging from the bottle a challenge.)


An Awesome Brush and Comb Set

An Awesome Brush and Comb Set

The Repsol Care Beard Brush and Comb Kit for Men consists of a natural wooden comb and 100% boar bristle beard brush.

Natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improving hair texture. It is perfect for use with beard oils, balms, waxes and conditioners. The comb is handmade, anti-static and snag-free and works as a moustache comb, too. Comes with a travel-friendly cotton bag. Because if you're going to have a beard, it behooves you to take care of it.


A Great Flashlight

A Great Flashlight

BlueFire’s Camouflage LED flashlight is packed with cool features, such as adjustable focus and five modes, including strobe and SOS.

It’s powered with 1200 lumens and lasts 100,000 hours on one battery. Skid-proof and water-resistant, it’s perfect for outdoor sports, camping and work. 

Best Gift  For the Person Who Can’t Stop Talking While Driving

This smartphone mount anchors your cell onto any car vent for GPS directions, streaming music and hands-free calls. 

It unclips easily to function as a travel stand as well, using any credit card to stabilize the base. 


Best Gift For the Person Who Loves to Be Green

Best Gift For the Person Who Loves to Be Green

Even this compost bin itself is compostable, making the {POST}MODERN Compostable Compost Bin Starter Kit super-easy to use. 

Hang the bin, made of 100% recycled corrugated boxes, under your sink to hold kitchen scraps. The vacuum-like seal keeps moisture and odors isolated. When it is full, the whole thing goes into the compost bin, so there’s no messy container to wash. The kit comes with one undersink hanger and three, 1.25-gallon compostable caddies.


Best Gift For the Food Safety-Conscious Grill Master

Best Gift For the Food Safety-Conscious Grill Master

Insert the probe of Alpha Grillers’ Instant Read BBQ digital meat thermometer into your meat, and in four to seven seconds, you will have an accurate and easy-to-read temperature displayed on the large dial. 

No more sweating over a hot grill waiting for the temperature to settle. No more squinting in the sun to read the numbers. When you’re done, simply flip the probe back and the unit automatically powers off. Works in the kitchen, on the grill or over the campfire. It also works great for deep-frying with oil, making bread and cheese and brewing beer or wine.

Best Gift For the Midwest or Northeast NFL Season Ticket-Holder

Zippo's pocket-sized hand warmer, made with rugged and durable metal, is perfect for wintertime stadiums or outdoor treks. 

It provides flameless, odorless, lightless warmth that is perfect for all outdoor activities and lasts for up to 12 hours. Comes with a cloth bag and is easily refillable.


Best Gift for the Frequent Package Opener

Best Gift for the Frequent Package Opener

This folding pocket knife by SOG looks like a key and is one step ahead of your pal who grabs keys to (usually unsuccessfully) try to slice open a box. 

The blade is cleverly hidden in a key-shaped handle the size of a standard house key, and fits on a keychain. The straight-edge, 1.5-inch stainless steel blade has a drop-point shape with a hard-cased black finish. A lockback provides additional safety while the knife’s in the open position.


Best Gift for the Key Chain User

Best Gift for the Key Chain User

Eastriver’s keyring combines leather and brass for a classic, elegant design that evokes something from an old curio chest. 

The leather is untanned and the brass will not rust. The keyring has an easy-open twist design with a secure-lock mechanism that will spare your fingernails. 


Best Gift For the Couch Potato Without a Side Table

Best Gift For the Couch Potato Without a Side Table

The CouchCoaster weighted couch cup holder fits over your couch’s arm to safely hold your glass. 

Flexible silicone sides are weighted for extra stability. An adapter lets cans, glasses, bottles or mugs of almost any size fit without spilling. Keeps beverages upright, secure and within reach. The only reason you need to get up is for refills. 

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