The Best Robot Vacuum For Dyson Loyalists

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The Best Robot Vacuum For Dyson Loyalists

Price: $1,000

Dyson fans, we've got your new robot vacuum.

Behold: the Dyson fanatic's Greased Lightning. It's not cheap, but nothing from the air-moving maestros at Dyson ever is. At almost 5 inches tall, it won't fit under most low-slung furniture, but the 360 degree vision system allows this robot vacuum to deftly avoid crashing into things while it cleans.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can schedule cleanings with the Dyson app for iPhone and Android. The smallish 0.3-liter dustbin could be a nonstarter for people with pets, as the 360 Eye requires a fair amount of babysitting if it's collecting a lot of pet hair in a short amount of time.

This robot's run time (45 minutes) is also less impressive than many less expensive options. It does find its way back to the charging station when it needs to be charged though, so, the limited battery life might not be an issue for a real brand loyalist.

The Dyson 360 Eye won't get tripped up by power cords and cables on the floor and handles transitions between hardwood and carpet with ease. It, like most robot vacuums these days, also has enough self-preservation instincts to avoid driving itself down your stairs.

All-in-all it's not the most impressive or independent robot vacuum on the market, but the sleek design and admittedly impressive suction technology will impress Dyson Nation.

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