DUPLO 'Jurassic World' Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Review

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DUPLO 'Jurassic World' Gentle Giants Petting Zoo Review

Preschoolers who are into dinosaurs will love this colorful building set from DUPLO. Tied to the "Jurassic World" movie franchise, the set includes two baby dinos, a Triceratops and a Diplodocus. Also included in the 24 piece set: a little boy figure (he's movie character Gray Mitchell), fencing, a swinging bridge, a palm tree, a camera, flowers, and more. If your kiddo likes a little more danger in their DUPLO there's also a T. Rex Tower set available.

DUPLO sets are a great option for kids ages 2–5 who may not be dextrous enough for the smaller LEGO bricks. Building (and rebuilding) the dinosaur enclosure is so much fun for little ones. The large pieces make building easy for little hands.

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