19 Doggie Gifts for the Goodest Boys and Girls

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19 Doggie Gifts for the Goodest Boys and Girls

Here at The Guide, our dogs are members of our families. And, because they are always on the “Nice” list, they are super-fun to shop for during the holidays. 

Here are some of the items that have made it into our shopping carts so our furry friends have something to open on Christmas morning.

A Subscription Box for Year-Round Gifts

If you want a gift that lasts year round, sign Fido up for Bark Box. 

This subscription service sends a box of new toys and treats to your favorite doggo every month. Each box has a them—past ones include “Chewrassic Bark” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly”—making it extra fun for owners as well.

Best Ball Dog Toy

What dog isn’t totally obsessed with playing fetch? ChuckIt! Ultra Balls are rough-and-tumble rubber balls that have a great bounce and can be chased on land or at sea. (Or just in the pool.) 

Available in four sizes so that no doggie is left out, ChuckIt! Ultra Balls can be used with ChuckIt! Ball Launchers so that even weak-armed owners can throw long distances and tire out their pets.

And a Launcher for Owners with Weak Arms

Not everyone has the arm of a major league pitcher, much to many dogs’ chagrin. 

This launcher is the perfect way to even the playing field and make sure your pup gets some good exercise when you play fetch. It also comes in different sizes, so no matter how big your doggo, there’s one that launches balls just the right distance.

Healthy Holiday Snacks

Stop sneaking your dog food from the table! 

These pumpkin cinnamon biscuits are the perfect way to make sure she feels included when the family sits down for a holiday meal. And, bonus, these definitely won’t lead to any belly-aches!

Festive Squeaky Toys

Look at these adorable little squeaky toys! 

Santa, a snowman, and a reindeer add something festive to your dog’s toy box. And, yes, we know your doggo will likely chew off Santa’s face, but won’t the joy she gets while doing it be totally worth it?

Trixie Flip Board Level 2 Dog Gift Review

Perfect for inquisitive pups, this flip board makes your dog slide or lift the barriers to different compartments to access treats. Great for keeping Fido’s mind sharp and keeping him out of trouble. 

This thing is built for even the most tenacious of doggos, meaning it can’t be tipped over, the dog HAS to learn how to play to get to his snack. It’s also dishwasher safe, so if he drools all over it, it’s no big deal.

A Cozy Blanket for Dogs Who Are Into Hygge

Beyond being really warm and cozy, this blanket is absolutely adorable. Made from an ultra-soft, microplush plaid fleece with Sherpa borders, this blanket perfect for any pet that likes snuggling into a cocoon before taking a snooze. 

The Guide is also a huge fan of this particular blanket because 10 percent of its sale goes to PetSmart Charities, an organization that helps save homeless pets.

A Holiday Sweater For Well-Dressed Doggos

Festive sweaters—both ugly and adorable—have become a staple of the holidays. 

This super-cute llama fleece, which has a shearling interior, doesn’t only keep your doggie warm, it also ensures she doesn’t feel left out when you have a holiday party! 

Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, any dog could be the best dressed attendee at your next event.

A Rudolph Your Puppy Can Sink Her Teeth Into

This little toy is made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic cotton ropes and helps keep your doggie’s teeth healthy as she chews, tugs, and plays. 

Just don’t let her rip Rudolph to pieces before Christmas—we’re not sure that Santa could make do without him!

A Place To Stash All of Fido’s Christmas Loot

This simple and subtle dog toy basket is a perfect place for all of your dog’s toys, treats, and blankets. 

Made from a durable canvas, this container matches with most any décor, and looks very sophisticated. It also has heavyweight rope carry handles if you need to move it from place to place.

A Dog-Friendly Candy Cane

This would look right at home on the tree next to those traditional peppermint candy canes! 

However, unlike human candy canes, this one doesn’t disappear in a matter of minutes. Made from peanut butter-flavored rawhide, this festive treat should provide hours of delightful chewing for your doggo.

A Collar That Look Great in Family Photos

Christmas pictures are a time-honored tradition in many families. 

This sparkly pointsettia collar helps your doggie look her best when you start snapping away.

It Knows When You Are Barking, It Knows What Time You Snooze…

This is a great gift for owners and doggies alike. 

This app-enabled camera/treat dispenser keeps you updated on your dog’s day, and even sends push notifications when Spot starts barking. This way you can check in and even soothe an upset doggo by releasing a treat. 

The camera even has night vision so you can check in if you’re out on the town! Our favorite feature? This camera also works with Amazon Alexa!

Her Own Stocking for the Mantle

Why would you get a dog a normal-shaped stocking when you can get her one shaped like her own little feet! 

This stocking can be embroidered with your doggie’s name and can be stuffed with all kinds of toys and treats.

Best Hands Free Dog Toy

This contraption is amazing. 

The iFetch Too is an interactive ball launcher that lets dogs play fetch all on their own. It launches regular old tennis balls up to 40 feet, taking the pressure off owners who may not be able to throw quite that far. Let Sassy tire herself out with this high-tech toy.

Shoes for Snowy Days

If you and your canine buddy are going to go dashing through the snow this winter, there is no gift more thoughtful than a pair of doggie-sized snow boots. 

These shoes are super-sturdy and have non-slip bottoms that prevent your dog from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. They also keep your dog’s feet clean so you don’t have to wipe them off if she tracks through some mud or gunk!

A Way to Stay Hydrated on the Go

If you like going on hikes with your canine companion, consider this doggie water bottle. 

BPA-free, lightweight, and easy to carry, just clip it onto your backpack and away you go! This is a much better option than carrying around an empty bowl or trying to pour water into your dog’s mouth.

A Bowl that Makes Your Doggie Slow Down and Enjoy Her Food

If you have one of those dogs that scarfs down her food, this bowl may just solve that issue. 

Created to prevent overeating and bloating, this slow feed bowl has a maze pattern that requires your dog to attack her dinner with care, rather than gusto. The large version holds up to four cups of kibble and is dishwasher safe.

The Best Dog Bed for Small Dogs

Do they make this bed in human size? It just looks so cozy! 

The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is super-soft and cuddly and is designed for comfort. Its high-sides make pets feel secure and the bottom of the bed is made of a durable nylon that resists dirt and moisture. Additionally, it’s safe to toss in the washing machine.

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