Deep Sleep by Miran Weighted Blanket Review

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Deep Sleep by Miran Weighted Blanket Review

While we are huge weighted blanket fans, we understand that not everyone wants to advertise that they are snuggling up with an extra 15 lbs every night. For them we recommend the Deep Sleep by Miran.

This luxe grey blanket has an eye-pleasing interlocking diamond stitch pattern that wouldn't be out of place on any throw you might have around the house. The cover is made of minky, is removable, and can be machine washed. The blanket itself weighs 15 pounds and measures 60" by 80". This ensures it doesn't slide off in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep.

The weighted beads suspended in polyester and sewn into 6-inch-square pockets to keep the blanket's weight from shifting when you move.

Reviewers say this blanket is well-made and durable. They also use words like "obsessed" and "perfect" and phrases like "great for snuggling." One reviewer even includes photos of her shuffling around her house in the blanket.

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