D by Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

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D by Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

Non-applicator tampons or digital tampons, as in your digits a.k.a fingers, can be fairly messy to use. Reenactment of Carrie's prom aside, they are generally cheaper than their counterparts, especially when it comes to biodegradable cotton tampons. If you are considering organic applicator tampons, but can't come to terms with the price, there's a way to offset the overall cost.

D is a reusable tampon applicator from Dame, a British company who successfully Kickstarted the product in March. You can currently pre-order D through Indiegogo to receive it in August. We haven't taken D for a test spin yet, but we like the design and are excited about its functionality. With a reusable applicator, non-applicator tampons with less or no chemicals become a more affordable option and you won't be throwing away so much plastic.

Dame will also sell their own organic tampons (with compostable packaging!), but D is made to fit any tampon, from light to super plus. If you're worried about maintenance, the antimicrobial materials and heat-resistance make it easy to clean on the go and sanitize in boiling water at home. Dame also offers two tins, one for storing your tampons and one for your D during the rest of the month, and a travel pouch that can hold a D and a few tampons.

You may have heard of the R.E.T.A., another reusable tampon applicator, from Thinx. You might have also heard some less inspiring things about the company. Thinx is working on mending their image, but in the kerfuffle, the R.E.T.A. seems to be getting left behind.

Note: Please don't flush tampons; toss 'em.


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