Cutetitos: Unwrap a Furry Surprise

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Cutetitos: Unwrap a Furry Surprise

The latest surprise toy is hilariously weird. Open up your Cutetitos blind bag and you'll find what looks like a hefty burrito. Nestled inside the realistic tortilla blanket is a little 7.5" stuffed animal. You could find a colorful Monkito, Slothito, Piggito, Puppito, Bunnito, or others. There are 12 different Cutetitos in all, and each one has a name, plus other info, like their personality "hot spot" (are they mild, medium, hot, or super spicy?) and birthday. A pet collector card will give you all the details on your new little pal. Some of them are rare, increasing the drive to collect these guys.

Cutetitos are really soft and cuddly, though their sleepy faces are a little disturbing -- are they about to be eaten?! Are the Cutetitos scared? But they're just supposed to be cozy and sleeping in their burrito bunting. (Think of the social media trends of wrapping pets up in blankets to look like burritos, or photoshopping animal faces onto delicious foods.) Either way, the blind bag and burrito wrap are really fun to open, so we predict that this new toy from Basic Fun will be a hit with kiddos who love surprise toys. The collectibles craze shows no sign of slowing!

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