Cuisinart Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor Review

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Cuisinart Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor Review

The Pro Custom 11-Cup model from Cuisinart is a great food processor for foodie couples.

It has a lot of similar features to the pricier Breville Sous Chef, but it’s less than half as expensive (score!). Like the Sous Chef, this Cuisinart model has a respectably large work bowl and an extra wide food tube for feeding things like blocks of cheese or whole onions into the slicer blade without having to pre-chop anything. The Cuisinart model is a lot less powerful than the Breville, but unless you’re trying to pulverize five cups of super-fibrous ginger or grind your own meat, it should do the trick.

This model comes with three slicing discs, giving you loads of versatility as far as how you use this machine. And Cuisinart believes that this food processor is tough as nails. They provide a 3 year warranty on the work bowl and accessories and a 5 year warranty on the motor of this product, so you’ve got some extra security from that.

Opt for this food processor if you’re a couple who plans on using the food processor a lot. You won’t be sorry. 

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