Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor Review

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Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor Review

This large-capacity Cuisinart model is a great option for families or frequent dinner party hosts.

The 14-cup work bowl (the second-largest on our list) will allow for objectively enormous recipes to come together without messing around with multiple batches. Anyone who has ever attempted to make enough diced tomatoes for pico de gallo or sauce for a lasagna in a 3-cup mini-processor you know how tedious that can be. The disc attachments and accessories that come with this model make otherwise labor-intensive salsas and slaw a more or less instant process.

In terms of price, this food processor falls right in the middle of the pack— it’s won’t run you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, but it’s definitely an investment, especially for a kitchen gadget. The Cuisinart brand is reliably sturdy, so this model will last you at least a few years, even with regular use.

Get this food processor if you’re regularly cooking for a crowd and get inspired to start cooking! Here are seven aioli recipes and an ice cream recipe using a food processor from Chowhound.

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