The Best Fitness Tracker If You Have a Lot of Friends

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The Best Fitness Tracker If You Have a Lot of Friends

This FitBit will pretty much keep track of anything you want in your life. It will notify you of calls, texts, and and calendar notifications. It will tell you how long and how well you sleep and will give you a personalized Cardio Fitness Score that you can improve over time.

This FitBit will even coach you through guided breathing and meditation sessions to regulate your real life heart rate. Because this tracker keeps tabs on so many facets of your life and lifestyle, you can get a pretty accurate picture of your fitness and activity levels.

If you’re the kind of person who gets motivated by competing with friends, this is the perfect fitness tracker for you. The FitBit social function lets you compare your daily activity to that of your contacts and keeps your feet moving toward an active lifestyle.

The battery life isn’t quite as long as the button cell battery models, but it will get you through the work week with five days of monitoring your entire life on one charge. Choose this fitness tracker if you like to exercise your competitive streak by beating friends and family on the FitBit social function.

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