27 Gift Ideas Sure to Please the Comic Book Superhero Fans in Your Life

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27 Gift Ideas Sure to Please the Comic Book Superhero Fans in Your Life

It has never been a better time to be a fan of comic books. The movies, the tv shows, the merchandise—there’s always something new and exciting to grab your attention. In this era of comic book plenty, it can be easy to get lost in all of the great books, clothes, and toys out there.

Luckily, we here at The Guide are also huge comic fans, and we’ve combed through the interwebz to find the best of the best as we celebrate the holiday season and the new Justice League movie!

A Book For Comic Know-it-alls

Anyone who wants to brush up on the DC Universe knowledge, or who just wants to get a better idea of who all these characters are, will definitely enjoy this encyclopedia.

It was also recently updated to include the New 52 and Rebirth storylines, making it the “definitive and indispensable” guide for comic enthusiasts.  

A Statue Depicting The Battle To End All Battles

Modeled after the art from the epic Frank Miller saga, The Dark Knight Returns, this cold-cast porcelain statue depicts the Batman and Superman locked in battle. 

While this scene was duplicated in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we think it was done best in its original, comic form.

A Weapon That Illuminates, Rather Than Destroys

Night lights can be a little lame. Nightlights shaped like Thor’s Hammer are definitely not lame.

An Adorable Version Of The Caped Crusader

Look at his little face!

Keep this tiny Batman on your desk to protect your computer and very important work papers from being stolen by the Joker’s goons.

A Poster That’s a Little Different

There are so many cool posters out there now for superheros, but we love this one for two reasons. 

First, it’s the classic Thor design from when the character was introduced. Second, it’s made of tin, which just makes it seem more special than a regular poster.

A Purse for Marvel Enthusiasts

This leather purse is embossed with the emblems of the Avengers. 

Reviewers love how subtle this purse is. It means they can let their geek flag fly at the office, out on dates, or just running to the grocery store.

A Tool For Nights Spent Fighting Crime

Well, we don’t recommend you go out and fight crime with this Batman Bat Folding Tactical Knife, but it is great to have around when you need to open that Amazon box that came in the mail or you have a thread hanging off of your shirt. 

Reviewers say that the knives themselves are sharp very useful in day-to-day situations that require a pocket knife. Not to mention that they look really cool too!

Some Extra Battery Power

There is not a person with a cellphone who wouldn’t appreciate having some extra juice stashed in their purse or backpack. 

Even more so if that energy is shaped like Captain America’s iconic shield. 

Sticky Notes For Wonderous Reminders

Nothing is more helpful than a strategically placed sticky note when you need to remember to do that one annoying thing that you keep forgetting about. 

Actually, there is something a little more helpful: Sticky notes that showcase Wonder Woman! There’s even one that shows her riding the Invisible Jet!

An Ornament That Proves We Are All Groot

Look at his little face! 

He looks like he’s about to have so much fun jumping around the branches of a Christmas tree.

Caped Crusader Tape For Fixing Anything And Everything

We’re just gonna say it: Duct tape is one of the most useful tools in any tool box (take that, hammers!). 

Even better, when that duct tape is emblazoned with the Batman logo. Now anything you fix with duct tape will also be fashionable!

A Delightful Sweater

It may not come with a mask to hide hideous scarring, but Wade Wilson’s irreverent humor translates extremely well to the language of ugly Christmas sweaters. 

And it’s just subtle enough to wear to a work holiday party.

A Very Useful Batman Symbol

There’s a reason those stick-on phone holders are all the rage—they actually work!

There is nothing as awesome as a simple product that prevents you from dropping your phone every five seconds. Now if you want to go for form as well as function, this Batman phone gives you a firm grasp on your phone and looks pretty sweet too.

Some Classic Superman Comics

This hardbound volume of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s quintessential Superman story, showing the human side of the Son of Krypton. 

This story is great for both longtime Superman fans and newcomers to the DC Universe.

Readable Couch Decor

Make the living room sofa a place where superheroes save the day with this Avengers throw pillow. 

It features the Incredible Hulk, Ironman, and Daredevil.

A Sticker That Deters Tailgaters

Slap this sticker on your car to show that you’re a fierce Amazonian warrior princess who is not to be trifled with. 

That should stop the people around you from driving erratically.

A Way To Signal Batman At Black Tie Events

How sharp are these?! 

They let you add a dash of the Dark Knight to even the most formal of outfits.

Keep Yourself Warm With Truth And Justice

When you’re snuggling in for a night of movie watching on the couch, there’s nothing like the warm embrace of the Justice League to stave off the cold!

A Wonderous Stocking For Christmas Morning

Stuff this baby full of everything your favorite Amazon needs to fight crime. 

A Lasso of Truth, bullet-proof bracelets, and even keys to the Invisible Jet!

A Doll For The Person On Your List Who Wants To Clown Around

This fully posable Harley Quinn comes with a sweet costume and a giant mallet. 

Great for wreaking havoc or saving the day!

The Most Disturbing Christmas Decoration You’ll Set Up This Year

Something about this little set gives us the jibblies, but in the best possible way. 

It’s just the perfect accent to overly cheery Christmas decor. 

Delicious, Delicious Waffles

All that avenging can make a superhero hungry. 

Waffles from this baby are perfect for satiating that hunger.

A Ducky To Save You From Bath-time Terrors

Look at him! He looks so serious. 

Like he’ll seriously mess up any super villians that try to disrupt your relaxing soak.

Essential Reading For Batman Fans

Frank Miller’s Batman comics are some of the most highly regarded in the the character’s nearly 80 years in existence. 

And, it’s definitely worth noting that this gritty backstory was written way before gritty backstories were cool. 

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